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B-5050 multifunctional machine

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B-5050 multifunctional machine

In today's beauty parlor even the most qualified cosmetologist is not able to do all procedures that beauty combine are able to do now. Moreover, a combination of procedures can be quite varied. From a simple diagnosis of the skin with a magnifier and spectral analysis of skin color under the infrared radiation to the combinations of eight features in a single apparatus.

As an example a beauty combine “B- 5050”. The number of procedures and the quality of their performance delight both professional cosmetologists and clients.

  1. Vaporizer / parboiling the skin, which can be used also during aromatherapy sessions.
  2. Galvanic current 1mA facilitates the passage of nutrients through the extracellular space, improves all metabolic processes of cells.
  3. Darsonval 100kHz acting weak electric current, cleans pores of the skin, improve the skin's appearance. It has a profound therapeutic effect.
  4. Ultrasonic cleaning 28kGts - for gentle multilevel / deep facial cleansing.
  5. Vacuum cleaning 3.5 kPa - primarily for the care of oily skin, the fight against acne, facial pores cleansing.
  6. Ultra phonophoresis 1Mgts - the introduction of cosmetic products through the sweat and sebaceous glands on the deeper skin level for prolonged exposure.
  7. Brushing – the mechanical massage has several options of tips for effective cleaning.
  8. Vakkum Spray / aerosol and air massage is applied to the skin with enlarged pores and blood vessels, it tones and cools the skin.

As a gift to the combine there is magnifier lamp with a five-fold increase. With its help you can diagnose client’s skin for more accurate application of cosmetic products for this skin type.

Cosmetic H5050 processor is made on a mobile platform. It weighs only twenty kilograms and has small size (120-44-55 cm). This makes it easy to move in the office from client to client. All manipulators on flexible long hoses allow to use them with a great convenience for the customer and a beautician, because they are conveniently located on the main console.