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AS-TPL2 - Cavitation + Rf lifting

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AS-TPL2 - Cavitation + Rf lifting

Ultrasonic correction and RF-lifting are innovative cosmetic technology. Ultrasound Cavitation and RF-lifting device AS-TPL2 allows the use of these revolutionary beauty treatments to any skilled cosmetologist in any beauty salon. The skin becomes firmer,it eliminates stretch marks, sagging. And if you apply such procedures after a course of weight loss, the sagging skin will be tightened . Radio waves have a thermal, warming effect that activates the production of the protein collagen.It creates a framework in the intercellular space of tissues. Alsoit activates the production of elastin. It can be selected individually required radio frequency treatment or lifting on the device, depending on the patient's skin condition.

In addition, the device has a second function. It is the ability to treat the problem areas on the body for the ultrasound correction. This is achieved by cavitation effect on fat cells,when theyare practically explode from the inside, breaking their membranes, because of the chaotic appearance of bubbles within the fat cells.Then fatty acids are removed through the lymph and blood vessels from the body. This procedure is completely painless and well tolerated by patients, like the previous one. Surrounding tissues and organs are not exposed to any influence,they do not feel cavitation. During one session the patient loses between 10 and 13gm of fat. Andbody correction reaches from 3 to 5 cm.