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Modern cosmetology and medicine use actively electrical derma-rollers in their practice. These innovative medical devices, used for skin, increase skin absorption of various cosmetic means.

Derma-roller is an excellent tool for skin care

Electric derma-roller is convenient and compact device, which has special micro-needle. It rotates and makes small punctures in the epidermis, thus increasing the degree of absorption of moisture and cosmetic agents by skin. With this device, the skin becomes saturated with useful components quickly and becomes healthy and beautiful.

With the help of this medical device, you can perform cosmetic procedures in a professional manner.

Electric derma-rollers have a number of advantages:

- Comfortable;

- Compact;

- Lightweight;

- Easy to use.

Rotating needles on a roller make a therapeutic and massage effects on the skin, as a result, the blood circulation activates and the skin is ready for nourishing masks and other treatments.

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