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Wood's lamp SP-023

Product Code: SP-023
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Wood's lamp SP-023

DESCRIPTION Wood's lamp SP-023

Diagnosis of skin has always demanded high-quality visual analysis. On this depends the subsequent period, as the treatment and, if necessary, rehabilitation. But the visual analysis can not identify all the pathologies of the epidermis. The best solution for the diagnosis in this case is Wood's lamp which consists of a UV light source and magnifying glasses for more detailed diagnostics. Due to the tables attached to this medical device may be the color grading of the skin to determine the area of ​​the disease or the treatment of the dynamics of change. Identification of Microorganisms, dermatitis, athlete's foot, is not a problem with an increase in under a magnifying glass. The entire complex of visual diagnostics, allows for a few minutes to diagnose more precisely and faster than standard methods in the laboratory.

The peculiarity of use is what this lamp Wood should be included in the diagnosis:

  • Only in the dark;
  • on clean skin;
  • no more than two minutes from a distance of 15 cm. to 20 cm;
  • you need to protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays of special thick bandage.

Fulfilling all of these recommendations, work with this lamp will be safe and as effective as possible.

Wood's lamp for accurate and rapid diagnosis of the skin.

Before the treatment of the skin, it is necessary to establish the diagnosis. Modern diagnostic medical devices allows you to perform diagnostics of the skin quickly and efficiently. These modern devices owned and Wood's lamp. With a simple design, it allows you to accurately diagnose, because of the skin color spectrum under ultraviolet light the lamp. The lens, which is one of the main parts of the device, allows a better view of diagnosed skin area and put a more accurate diagnosis. And on the attached table comparing the different color of the skin under ultraviolet light, you can almost immediately make an accurate diagnosis.


Ultraviolet glow has long been used in medicine. With relatively recently UV radiation spectrum / from 10 to 380 nm and is used in diagnosis. Such a device for the diagnosis of skin as lamp Wood buy cues uses a wavelength of 380 nm. The physics of this process is simple: UV light reveals differences in the color of the skin. And then, the corresponding table - a diagnosis and, accordingly, appropriate treatment. This rapid, almost immediate solution to the problem diagnosis can also keep track of changes in the skin during the treatment itself. This is an immediate medical help as it allows to instantly determine the effectiveness, the correct medical decisions.

This will help buy a Wood's lamp and its minimum size / 33 x 21 x 6 cm and a weight of one and a half kilograms. In this paper such as the most economical lamp just 16W. It is very important that this medical device is certified in Ukraine, and in compliance with the recommendations on the specifics of its application does not cause any side effects. This lamp can also be used in beauty parlors, in order to identify problems with the skin of the patient, and subsequently to carry out without problems cosmetic procedures including diagnostics.

General characteristics
Dimensions of 33/21/6 cm
Power 16 W
50-60 Hz
Voltage 110/220
Weight 1.5 kg