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Cosmetic Apparatus LEGATO

Product Code: LEGATO
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Cosmetic Apparatus LEGATO

Legato - this is the first system in the world, which brings together iPixel RF technology with the technology of ultrasound exposure. Legato is a minimally invasive device exposure for effective treatment of keloid scars, stretch marks, acne scars, skin whitening and wrinkle.

The first fractional radiofrequency device minimally invasive technique to eliminate the aesthetic drawbacks of any complexity.

The unique device that removes any old stretch marks while preserving skin pattern.

The complete absence of fragmentation effect of screening, as a result, maximum safety and efficacy of the procedure.

Fast processing (two methods of treatment: the stack and in movement).

Wide footprint (any processing area)

The ability to simultaneously treat a variety of problems.

The lack of a long recovery period.

Module Impact - introduction of substances into the dermis without loss of properties injectate at a controlled depth without polarity molecular weight substances to form a "depot" in the treatment area.

Treatment of stretch marks.

Treatment of post-acne scarring.

Treatment of all types of scars.

Whitening and skin rejuvenation.

Hair loss treatment.

The result does not depend on the form of the chromophore and its wavelength and as a consequence, the skin phototype.

Effectiveness proven by clinical studies.

Characteristics of the device Legato

Country of origin - Israel

Application - Radio frequency therapy (RF equipment)


Height - 466.0 (mm)

Length - 62.0 (mm)

Width - 110.0 (mm)

Weight system - 28.0 (kg)

RF frequency - 40.68 MHz

Ultrasonic energy - periodic positive and negative pressure of ultrasound

Input electric parameters - 100-230 V, 6.3 A, 50/60 Hz