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Diode laser 65 D-LAS for laser hair removal

Product Code: 65 D-LAS
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Diode laser 65 D-LAS for laser hair removal

Diode laser with a wavelength of 808nm is the most effective for hair removal, since melanin of the hair and skin maximally absorbs light energy of this part of the spectrum. When light is absorbed due to local heating of tissues, which leads to the complete destruction of the hair shaft and hair follicles and stop further growth of hair at the site of the skin. This is only true for the hair follicles in the active phase, since a month of neighboring follicles are activated and you need to repeat the procedure for maximum effect. Laser installation with a wavelength of 808nm allow more successfully carry out hair removal in people with dark hair and dark skin.


Model D-LAS laser 65 is designed to:

effective and safe removal of any type of hair without the possibility of re-growth;

remove all the hair any color from black to white;

of hair removal treatments in people with any skin color;

Diode laser D-LAS 65 has a number of design features that put this model to the leaders of the group cosmetology equipment:


high energy pulses to allow for hair removal of any color;

adjustable pulse duration, provides a guaranteed hair removal;

a large spot size, which allows to reduce the total time of the procedure;

highly efficient cooling of the skin, minimizes the thermal destruction of surrounding tissues;

no pain during the session;

the presence of a color touch screen size of 12.4 inches for easy operation;

Use a high-quality laser from Germany, makes the system stable and efficient.


Technical parameters of the diode laser D-LAS 65

Source LIGHT - diode laser

Wavelength 808 nm

The radiated power (continuously adjustable), J / cm2 1 ~ 110

The pulse width (infinitely variable), 10 ms ~ 1200

Pulse repetition rate, Hz 0.5-10

The size of the light spot, 12x12 mm

Cooling system semiconductor + water + air

LCD screen is 12.4 inches, with 24-bit color touch screen

Electrical parameters of 220 ± 22V, 50Hz, 10A

Power consumption, W 2000

Weight 70

Dimensions (LxWxH) mm 520h520h1100

Safety class 1 class, Type BF