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Diode laser for hair removal X-FORTE 808 + ICE RF

Product Code: X-FORTE 808
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Diode laser for hair removal X-FORTE 808 + ICE RF

Features Laser

The length of the light wave 532/1064 nm

Cooling System - Water

The frequency of 1 - 20 Hz

The pulse duration 1350 ms

Dimensions 46 X 55 X 92 cm

Power 600 W

The frequency - 50-60 Hz

Voltage 110/220

Weight 30 kg

DESCRIPTION diode laser for hair removal X-FORTE 808 ICE RF

The makers of medical devices and cosmetic work tirelessly expanding their functionality. An excellent example of such work - diode laser system for hair removal X-Forte 808 + ICE RF last generation.

It is the processor and performs the following functions:

- Basic - diode laser hair removal;

- Biopolyarny radio wave lifting - eliminating wrinkles of different depths;

- Rejuvenation of the face;

- Technology ICE RF - removal of lipid deposits;

- Modeling the oval of the face and body contouring.

Hair removal with the help of X-Forte 808 + ICE RF from the American manufacturer - today is the gold standard of hair removal, it is effective and safe as possible, and the persistent effects of its application are guaranteed:

- After the primary procedure takes about 15% - 40% of the scalp, ingrown hairs are absent;

- Fade dark spots and irritation caused by shaving;

- The skin becomes velvety.

As soon as the diode laser systems can remove hair on very dark skin.

The laser is completely harmless, it penetrates to a depth of four millimeters and spontaneously disperses, acting on the hair follicle itself.

But this type of hair removal there are contraindications, so be sure to individually need to consult a doctor or a beautician, who will speak as the preparatory measures and postprotsedurnom mode.

Duration of hair removal is especially individual, on average, the same amount of 4-8 sessions. The interval between the first and second - 1,5-2 months, with each successive interval is increased 2 weeks.