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MINI laser for hair removal D-LAS 808 MINI

Product Code: D-LAS 808 MINI
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Power 9V 1200mA
Voltage 220V-240V / 50 Hz or 110V-130V / 60 Hz
Package size 17 * 6 * 6cm.

MINI laser for hair removal D-LAS 808 MINI

Mini laser 808 nm for hair removal

Extended theory of selective photothermolysis allows professionals to identify and destroy hair follicles, making hair removal is achieved. Nowadays, laser hair removal is the most widely popular cosmetic procedure performed with varying efficiency. The ideal patient for laser hair removal is a man with pale skin and dark hair, but today, this procedure can be successfully carried out for all skin types. Knowledge of anatomy and physiology of the hair follicle, the correct patient selection and preparation for the procedure, the principles of safety at work with laser equipment, familiarity with various laser / light devices and a complete understanding of the interaction of laser radiation with tissue necessary to optimize the efficiency of procedures and the simultaneous minimization complications and side effects.

The theory of selective photothermolysis allows you to selectively act on pigmented hair follicles using the melanin of the hair shaft as a chromophore. Melanin absorbs light with wavelengths in the red and near infrared regions of the electromagnetic spectrum. However, to achieve the effect of lifetime of hair removal "biological target" should be follicle stem cells are located in the area of ​​the broadening and / or in the dermal papilla. Based on a spatial fragmentation of the chromophore and the specified target range of parameters devices used for hair removal, it is important to obtain a reliable result. Several studies have shown that the "golden mean" should be regarded as a diode laser system that generates a beam having a wavelength of not less than 800 and not more than 810 nm. The use of diode lasers for aesthetic purposes has made it possible to carry out the procedure for hair removal at any time of the year, with no restrictions on photo type, with a persistent effect.

In recent years, a set of devices intended for hair removal at home. The establishment of such devices is largely determined by the attractive prospect of owning a personal device for the removal of unwanted hair, without the expense and inconvenience of multiple visits to the dermatologist or spa. For such devices should include a portable device diode laser hair removal P-808.


If you are sunbathing, we recommend that you wait until your skin returns to its natural color, since laser operates more efficiently with the natural skin tone. The laser is more effective on light skin tones and dark hair, but the results can be obtained for light hair.

If you have hepatitis, herpes or cellulite, we recommend that you go to the treatment of these diseases using laser hair removal.

If you are taking isotretinoin or similar drugs for the treatment of acne, you should not carry out the procedure at the time of their admission.

Patients with keloid or hypertrophic scars, use the laser only after seeking medical advice.

It should get a medical opinion before using the laser in the sensitive areas around the nipple, genital and anal area.

The best candidates for laser hair removal are those with dark coarse hair. However, the removal will work on lighter hair as long as different color skin and hair. Laser removal is not effective for gray hair and hair without pigment.

Features of the device:

1. The diode laser of high power with a wavelength of 808 nm;

2. The guaranteed period of operation of the laser 1000 hours;

3. The spot diameter of 1.5 mm;

4. Safety and ease of use at home;

5. No side effects, such as burns, wounds and scars;

6. Suitable for all skin types;

7. Adjustable timer and power controller of laser radiation;

8. Lightweight and portable design, easy to hold in your hand, carry with them in case of traveling or business trip;

9. It is recommended for the removal of dark hair on almost any part of the body such as the hands, feet, forehead, bikini line, beard, etc..

10. excluding the use in some sensitive areas of the body. You can not direct the laser beam into the eyes.

To achieve sustainable results necessary to conduct from 3 to 6 procedures.