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Device of the pressure therapy S-170

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Device of the pressure therapy S-170

Pressure therapyis the modern direction in esthetic medicine.It is well proved in a treatment of cellulitis, hypostases, excess weight, venous insufficiency, thrombosis and for rehabilitation after sports overloads, a liposuction and operations.

The device of the pressure therapy“S-170” will become irreplaceable attribute of your clinic. Itinfluencesa human body by compressed air, forces out excess extracellular liquid, making active a lymphatic drainage.

The device is completed with the specialsuit, consisting of a jacket, trousers and boots. One session with this device from “EMS Beauty” will replace 20-30 manual sessions of massage.

It imitates wavy reductions of muscles, improving a blood-groove, accelerating a conclusion of toxins from an organism and intensifying metabolism processes in skin and fatty tissues.Thanks to this, cells of the skin are updatedquicker and fatty layers thaw.

Improvement of blood and lymph circulation raises a tone of all organism, lightens mood, renders relaxing effect, makes active protective resources of the patient, his resistance to stress.As a result, it renders general rejuvenating effect.

Pressure therapydoes not take a lot of time: procedure lasts only 25-30 minutes, repeats each 2-3 days; the course consists of 10-15 sessions.