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Heaters TOWEL YM-9005

Product Code: YM-9005
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Heaters TOWEL YM-9005

Cosmetology involves frequent use of the usual attributes of life as a towel. But how in the large flow of customers always have a warm up and sterilized towel? It's very simple with the heaters shown. This small device can just twenty minutes to raise the temperature to seventy degrees towels. You can also warm up the cosmological other materials in this appliance. The lamp, which is built inside the heaters - a quality UV lamp. Also in the construction of heaters it has a lamp ozone, which cleans the material that you put into the machine. Features extensive heaters, you can not just lay the towel dry, but moist. If you require sterile instruments, in this unit, you can kill all the germs and infection. Therefore, if you are responsible beautician and want to facilitate your work, for you will be simply irreplaceable this proposal. We are confident that your customers will appreciate your concern about them, of sterilized materials, warm towels and cosmetic mixtures which, in contact with the human body will cause pleasant sensations thanks to its comfortable temperature. We wish you a great shopping on our site!

Provides a heating temperature of 70 degrees, the heating time is 20 minutes. There is an ozone lamp. Heater - sterilizer used for heating dry and wet towels, heating cosmetics, storage of sterile instruments and accessories (sponges, brushes, cloths, etc.). An indispensable thing in every beauty salon!

Features heaters towels YM-9005

Main characteristics
Source of heating: UV lamp
The maximum heating temperature: 700C
Heating time, min 20
Sterilization:The ozone lamp
Electrical parameters
Parameters of power supply: AC 220V 50Hz
Other characteristics
The size of the heater body (LxWxH) cm: 45h21h37
Size compartment for towels (LxWxH) cm: 37h18h19