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Ultraviolet Sterilizers YM-9006

Product Code: YM-9006
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Ultraviolet Sterilizers YM-9006

Universal UV sterilizer YM-9006 beauty with a compartment for storing sterile instrument. Uses UF- waves to fight pathogens in the cosmetic and medical equipment. It has a thin-walled metal housing with dimensions / 44cm x 33 cm x 26 cm. In the package is a camera with UF- lamp 8 W / capacity to sterilize instruments in the cosmetic and dermatological offices. UF-lamp can be easily replaced without a screwdriver or other tool with one hand. After that, the lamp can be easily removed and replaced by a new UF-lamp.

Terms of use:

- Before opening the lamp sterilization chamber must be turned off;

- Tools in a single layer is expanded in the chamber and door is closed;

- UF - the lamp is switched on for fifteen to twenty minutes, then tools pererekladyvayutsya on that side, and again obbluchayutsya the same time as in the first case.

As versatile UV sterilizer YM-9006 beauty has a timer, it is easy to comply with the required treatment regimen of any tools, bandages, cosmetics, tissue masks. Sterilizer has been certified in Ukraine. Usable.