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AS-M3, Apparatus for ultrasound peeling, ultrasound phonophoresisand micro massage (ultrasonic skraber).

Product Code: EN-110
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AS-M3, Apparatus for ultrasound peeling, ultrasound phonophoresisand micro massage (ultrasonic skraber).

In an effort to make cosmetologist’s work easier, as well as save your money, the company “EMS beauty”offers harvester model “AS-M3”. This multifunctional unit is designed for ultrasonic peeling (skraber),phonophoresis,micro massage and cold / heat therapy.

Integrated ultrasonic system, operating in skrabermode, cleans the skin (remove dead skin cells of the epidermis); it prepares the skin for cosmetic and other hardware manipulation.

Apparatus “AS-M3” has two handpieces (facial and body), the sharp side makes peeling and flatsidephonophoresisand micro massage.

Effect of ultrasonic peeling and phonophoresisis based on the effects of electrical pulses. As a result of the cleaning, surface horny layer of skin’s cells is loosened, the pores are opened, pores are cleaned and the intensity of clogged pores is reducedsignificantly.

Active ingredients of cosmetic products are introduced into the deeper layers of the skin by phonophoresis method; it provides a transmembrane exchange of useful substances.

Ultrasound micro massagehas defibrosingaction; it intensifies the synthesis of collagen and elastin skin’s fibers, promoting regeneration of tissues and wrinkles of different depths. It’s used in anti-cellulite programs,because it activates lipolysis processes.

Cold / heat therapy is based on the useful contrasting temperature influence on the skin: this improves skin tone, stimulates metabolism, reduces enlarged pores,intensifies the synthesis of epidermal cells.