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Steaming DEVICE FOR SKIN AS-8707

Product Code: AS-8707
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Steaming DEVICE FOR SKIN AS-8707

In the beauty salon for a long time you will not see the dishes on a heating plate with water for steaming skin. Now there are many different models of devices that have been successfully carried out such operations with the large convenience. Perhaps the best in terms of comfort of use, is considered to be an apparatus for steaming facial AS-8707. He has a solid foundation in the form of a tripod on which the vaporizer unit and glass tank for treated water. What is convenient is the fact that there is a special, long enough for the rotary tube steam on the skin of the patient.

Decoupling procedure is necessary in most cases before the further other cosmetic procedures. This feature allows to use it not only in beauty salons, but also in the salons of aromatherapy. There is also a built-in air ozonation. Apparatus sufficiently mobile, as is on wheels that allows it to move in the office. All these features make this device for steaming facial AS-8707 is very easy to use and functional, since in addition to the actual steaming the face, and can perform other equally necessary procedures.

Norma poured water - 1 liter
The height of the spray head of steam - 1.25 m

- The nozzle can be rotated 360 °
- Heater power 550 watts
- Voltage 220-230V, 50-60 Hz
- Automatic shutdown with a decrease in water levels to a critical
- Is a function of ozonation