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Vaporizer is 01-00 with the necessary equipment for preliminary preparation for the upcoming facial cosmetic procedures. Due to the low power consumption / 750 kW, small size / height 100 cm, weight / 8.5 kg and cost can also be used at home.
It evaporates water stored in a flask. The steam goes to the patient's face by means of a sliding mechanism / rod. Himself Vaporizer timer is on the mobile front, which is also adjustable in height. The wheels on the support allows the device to move from patient to patient room.
Prior to the skin is cleaned and disinfected using special lotions. The steam heating the skin and opens the pores of the face. This leads to the cleansing of pores, impurities, improving blood flow and lymphatic drainage.
Although the vaporizer is used for facial care - it may also serve therapeutic purposes. Steam can be useful for combating the common cold or flu-like symptoms, angina, rhinitis and sinusitis, or other diseases of a seasonal nature. In this case, water is evaporated add funds aromatherapy and herbal medicine.
Norma poured water - 1 liter
The height of the spray head of steam - 1.25 m
- The nozzle can be rotated 360 °
- Heater power 550 watts
- Voltage 220-230V, 50-60 Hz
- Automatic shutdown with a decrease in water levels to a critical
- Is a function of ozonation