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Diode Laser hair removal D-LAS 60

Product Code: D-LAS 60
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Diode Laser hair removal D-LAS 60

Features Laser

Light wavelength of 808 nm

Cooling System - Air

The intensity of 120 J / cm2

The spot diameter of 12 x 10 mm

The frequency of 10 Hz

The pulse duration of 400 ms

Dimensions 38 x 46 x 108 cm


DESCRIPTION Diode Laser hair removal D-LAS 60

Opportunities for the photon pulse radiation light flux has long gone beyond the scientific research. Now, a laser is used not only in industry and in research, but also in medicine / dermatology and cosmetology. For example, a diode laser for hair removal D-las 60 can using pulsed radiation "destroy" heating the melanin in the hair follicle it. Interactions between growth of hair on them, virtually destroyed in the field of laser photon beam all of the hair. But as in the area of ​​hair follicles are in "sleep" state, this procedure must be repeated. Then the effectiveness of procedures for hair removal will be maximum. The unit itself has a small size and transported to the room at the wheel of his truck. It is equipped with a long / Conveniently manipulator attachment / transmitter pulses - with the diameter of the light spot in 12sm2, which leads to complete removal of hairs on such a large area.