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Kosmetikliege KO-7-1 Clarins

Product Code: KO-7-1
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Kosmetikliege KO-7-1 Clarins

Beauty and Health - important values ​​in our lives. And regardless of the innate qualities we can always influence beauty and health in a positive way. If us health and real beauty, ie the age-independent inner beauty, are really important, then we must therefore actively seek.

Monthly pedicure, manicure - 14 day, body wraps and facial masks week. Massage - relaxing and healthy - whenever possible. All these applications require special sun, because the success of these procedures is highly dependent on the comfort and convenience for customers. This affordable model is high quality and carefully processed. Thanks to the convenience of the couch, the customer will feel rested and strengthened by the applications. You as a professional user will directly determine the usability and ergonomics of the deck.

The stationary massage table KO-7-1 Clarins is a very popular model and is particularly used because of its compactness and stability and robustness in highly frequented massage parlors and fitness center.

The base of the table is executed in brown wood, which not only gives the deck an enormous stability but also exudes a cozy atmosphere. This base also serves as a storage for consumables and towels and also has two large spacious drawers for further implements.

The header segment of the sun can be manually adjusted in the tilt, so the sun also excellent as examination couch for clinics or doctors' offices.

The cushion of the massage table has tilt-adjustable head segment an ergonomic face opening which can be closed if necessary with a tailor-made soft pillows.

The cushion is made of high quality and durable PVC. This material is strong, lightweight and extremely stable which ensures a high lying comfort over a long period. The surface of the padding is smooth and consists of a pleasant, oil and water repellent and very hard-wearing white leatherette, which easily can be cleaned with commercially available disinfectants.

The stationary massage table KO-7-1 is supplied with a pillow and a bolster.

This product meets all quality standards and combines sufficient properties to the best of its class to include.

The Stationary massage table KO-7-1 Clarins - an example of the successful combination of elegance and functionality