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Device of the pressure therapy S 170 ES

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Device of the pressure therapy S 170 ES

The most demanded fields in the market of cosmeticservices are the care of face skin and of body skin. Care of a bodyskin is combined with massage and fight against cellulitis and obesity. The fastest option of return of investments is the hardware cosmetology. Modern cosmetic devices are turned from the highly specialized into multipurpose. Such modelis device of thepressure therapy“S 170 ES”, with which it is possible to begin cosmetic business.

This device is able to carry out various procedures.

The device of the pressure therapy“S 170 ES” allows to work according to the individual program; using allprocedures at the same time and separately. The device can carry out the treatment of cellulitis, obesity, postoperative and post-traumatic problems, chronic venous insufficiency;alsothe prevention of thrombosis, tension removal after sports trainings.

The device of the pressure therapy“S 170 ES” is equippedwith:

- forthe pressure therapy- twenty massage/air blocks, seven cuffs;

- forthe electrical myostimulation - twelve electrodes for different parts of a body;

- temperature sensors and heating elements, with temperature increase up to 70-75 °C for all parts of a press suit.

All these functions are carried out in a complex with the multilevel monitoring system of preventing failure in work.