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Product Code: SPA SHR
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Spa SHR - a new platform for the aesthetic treatment based on technology AFT (Advanced Florescence Technology) - an advanced technology light pulse radiation. AFT increases the number of pulses and time and controls the degree of penetration for safer and more effective treatments, while technology EDF (Equally Distributed Fluence) distributes a density of each pulse across the exit surface, avoiding peaks. This combination of technologies provides a stable performance and a high level of security. Spa SHR allows for significant clinical improvement with minimal skin lesions and patient discomfort.


Effective, fast and safe hair removal.

High power impact AFT-epilation allows you to achieve results in a minimum number of sessions.

Only AFT-hair removal system Spa SHR is painless, which is achieved through a unique technology ensures the gradual heating of the treated area gently prepares the skin in the affected area of ​​the laser beam, excluding the effect on pain receptors in the skin, while maintaining a strong and dense flow of energy destroys the hair follicles.

The modules are equipped with contact cooling system using technology and IN-Motion (work in motion) for virtually painless procedure.

Hair removal, performed with the module SHR, is harmless for all skin types, even the most sensitive and dark. Moreover, the use of this method allows you to cope with unwanted vellus hair, which makes this technology even more popular.

AFT technology enables an even distribution of the luminous flux. This means that the performance of the energy density of each pulse are equal. Such a density of luminous flux acts as a guarantee of security, and achieve positive results.

Using a high repetition rate pulses of energy at low levels in combination with high power. Rather than simply burn unwanted hair, it heats the hair follicles gradually, without discomfort, while maintaining the maximum efficiency, without damaging the surface of the skin.

This was made possible thanks to a combination of several revolutionary technologies:

AFT (Advanced Florescence Technology)

EDF (Equally Distributed Fluence)

In-motion (work in motion)