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Machine Slimming 3 - RF + IR + Vacuum + roller, ELOS technology

Product Code: EN-177
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Machine Slimming 3 - RF + IR + Vacuum + roller, ELOS technology

“Slimming3” offers an innovative method of combined effects of four types:

Radiofrequency energy destroys unstructured areas of subcutaneous adipose tissue. Infrared radiation activates metabolic processes in the affected area, strengthens the power of intracellular processes.Vacuum aspiration and roller massage stimulate lymphatic drainage,improve blood circulation.

Today it is the only medical device,which achieves the optimization of metabolic processes and improves morphology and function conditionof the subcutaneous fat layer due to the deep penetration of RF-energy and infrared radiation.

The machine “Slimming3” provides a profound effect on the skin and subcutaneous fat layer, removes celluliteeffectively, evens skin reliefs and models your figure, using an unique combination of physical factors.

Vacuum aspiration and roller massage in addition perform an independent role to eliminate skin imperfections; they activate microcirculation and lymphatic drainage, promote tissue oxygenation.

The physician may adjust the light and power intensity during a session,due to individual patient's skin type and its response to the procedure.

Most patients are surprisedpleasantlyby the positive changes, observed after 3-5 treatments. Increased elasticity and turgor of the skin, muscle tone, improvement of the subcutaneous fat layer,the removal of excess fat are not a complete list of achievedresults. Significant advantages of this method are a comfortable feeling during the procedure and high stability of achievedresults.

Treatment in using this apparatus is a cycle of procedures.Their number and duration depend on the task, the treated surface and individual characteristics of a patient (6-8, 10-12,12-15).

When working with multifunctional nozzle of this apparatus it is necessary to contact it with the entire surface of the treated skin area. It is important to avoid partial separation of a nozzle to not abrogate suction action and the allocation of radio frequencies.