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ALMA Lasers enjoy a good reputation in the market of cosmetology services, which has been guaranteed by high device reliability, long life and excellent performance. But without a laser diode laser arm, the procedures cannot be performed! External mechanical effects or other causes can lead to the destruction of this unit and until recently the only way to continue working was to replace the nozzle.

Therefore, the company has expanded the list of services provided by the Kiev service center, and is now recovering the health of diode laser-based devices.

ALMA Lasers nozzles are an expensive component of cosmetic lasers, making a purchase. A new manipulation is a very expensive procedure and contacting our service center saves customers time and money when they fail.

To perform a full-fledged high-quality repair, we have specialized process equipment and the engineers at the center have all the necessary knowledge AND practical experience with Alma Lasers appliance repair. In this way, our customers are able to restore broken handpieces quickly and with a guarantee of quality.

Ukrainian medical systems service technicians repair the nozzles for the following device models:

Harmony XL Pro

Harmony XL

Soprano ICE

Soprano ICE Platinum

Soprano Accord

We only use original components that we purchase directly from their manufacturer from Ger mania, which further guarantees high device parameters.

Recovery includes the following:


cost calculation (cost of parts, their replacement, adjustment);

purchase parts and replace them;

test and calibration as required manufacturer.

Buying parts, repairing and adjusting them are quite expensive Peratsim. For this reason, the restoration will be quite expensive, but much cheaper than the new handpiece. This allows the company's customers from all regions of Ukraine to quickly resume supplying one of the most popular types of services today.

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