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EMS - 90 new is a modern cosmetic device that uses five main directions of action on the skin and fat deposits, while forming a beautiful figure. Several technologies that combine their properties in one device are able ... Read more...

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EMS - 90 new is a modern cosmetic device that uses five main directions of action on the skin and fat deposits, while forming a beautiful figure. Several technologies that combine their properties in one device are able to comprehensively affect the condition of the skin and subcutaneous layer. Thus, the expected result appears much faster than using one technology.

Technical specifications

The EMS-90 new vacuum roller massager for body shaping is a stationary device that consists of a large plastic case. It is equipped with a large touch screen that displays all the necessary working information in a convenient mode. In addition, there are 4 manipulators. They must be used depending on the area of ​​the skin to be treated.

The smallest manipulator is used for sensitive skin around the eyes and lips. The area of ​​exposure to the laser and the radio frequency pulse is quite tiny and allows you to precisely affect the skin. This manipulator is equipped with three nozzles that allow you to limit the area of ​​impact, and is also made without massage rollers, so as not to injure the skin of sensitive areas of the face.

The larger manipulator is designed to correct the shape of the face and neck. With its help, they are engaged in the elimination of the second chin and other skin problems of this area.

The third-largest manipulator is equipped with a small display that displays the necessary information to the device. This is very convenient during processing a large area of ​​the skin, if you need to monitor the settings of laser and radio frequency waves. It is used to correct the skin of the hands and décolleté.

The largest manipulator also has a small display for comfort in the robot. The area of ​​its impact is quite large, so they use a large nozzle to work on the skin of the abdomen, back and buttocks. This manipulator is based on vacuum cavitation, which allows splitting the bonds between fat cells ..

The body of the device is equipped with small wheels that allow you to move the device quite easily. The plastic coating is resistant to various disinfectants and will last a very long time. For convenience, there is a small holder for manipulators near the case, which will help to organize the working tools of the device.

Device properties

In fact, the effectiveness of using this vacuum-roller massage apparatus for body shaping is achieved through the use of several of its properties.


Ultrasound is a signal with a frequency of oscillations that is able to pass through human tissues. Absolutely harmless and natural technology, which is used in medicine to diagnose the internal state of the body, is also used in cosmetology. An ultrasound frequency of 40 kHz is able to penetrate the subcutaneous fat layer and break the bonds between lipocytes. Separated, they are gradually excreted with the help of lymphatic vessels and filtered. Thus, using ultrasound, you can get rid of excess body fat under the skin.


This technology is also widely used for the treatment and diagnosis of various diseases. The main advantage of laser therapy is that you can configure a specific beam length, which allows you to affect certain areas of the skin and under it. An infrared laser heats fat cells at the level at which they are located. In this case, the adjustable beam length is 940 nm. At the selected point, lipocytes are susceptible to temperature, while the skin and neighboring areas do not heat up. There is an acceleration of metabolic processes, an increase in the permeability of the vascular membrane and the removal of water. In this case, lipocytes are significantly reduced in size.

RF pulse

It is used in the form of a bipolar system that sends radio-frequency waves through tissues. With the help of this energy, the water molecules contained in fatty tissues are heated. It is more quickly excreted from the cells and, thus, drains them. Together with the liquid, triglycerides are also broken down. So the fat cell breaks up into components and gradually decreases in size. In addition, radio frequency waves can stimulate the production of collagen fibers in the reticular layer of the skin. Their plexuses provide elasticity and tighten the skin. This is necessary if a person quickly and noticeably gets rid of excess weight. At the same time, the skin restores its shape.


It is necessary to enhance radiofrequency effects on the skin. Vacuum liposuction acts on thin fibrils of connective tissue under the skin, stretching them and providing better access for bipolar radio wave exposure. With the simultaneous use of these two technologies, the depth of exposure can reach 1.5 cm deep into the skin and affect those fat cells that are difficult to massage or ultrasound. In addition, with the help of vacuum, the area of ​​influence of the laser or radio waves is evenly distributed.

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