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The attention of the cosmetologists on the site presents a modern vacuum roller massage device OSKAR WILLIAM. The presence of several handpieces opens up great opportunities for a cosmetologist to correct a figure.

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 The advantage of OSKAR-WILLIAM is that it can be used to perform three types of body and face procedures:

Massage with vacuum roller

Intended for body correction. Using a combination of mechanical and physical effects, i.e. vacuum and rollers, it is possible to reduce body volumes, make cellulite less pronounced, adjust the contours of the body and increase the general tone of the skin. When the vacuum sucks into a problematic area of ​​the skin, it activates blood circulation and lymphatic drainage in this area, and the rollers, kneading it, break down the subcutaneous fat. As a result, stagnation, toxins, excess liquid are quickly eliminated from the body, a person gets rid of swelling and generally loses weight.


The cavitation method uses ultrasonic action to physically destroy fat, while ultrasonic waves damage the membranes of fat cells, transforming fat into an emulsion, reducing the amount of accumulated fat. Man is really losing weight. A cavitation session allows you to reduce the body volume by 2-3 cm. However, the first changes can only be seen after a few weeks, when all the destroyed fat cells are removed from the body by the lymphatic system.


RF lifting technology is used not only for anti-aging procedures, but also for body shaping. Exposure to radio frequency, which heats the protein structures of collagen fibers for an immediate lifting effect, also accelerates the lipolysis process. Thanks to this person, it is possible not only to lose weight faster, but also to maintain the elasticity of the skin after losing weight.

Indications for use

OSKAR-WILLIAMS is intended for such procedures:

removal of local fat deposits;

cellulite treatment;

body modeling;

acceleration of lymphatic drainage, activation of blood circulation;

smoothing wrinkles, stretch marks, scars;

elimination of dark bags under the eyes;

stimulation of collagen synthesis;

body recovery after physical exertion.

Using the presented equipment, it is possible to obtain stable and pronounced results that will last a long time. But the patient must understand that such an effect is achieved not in a procedure, but in a complete course. The exact number of sessions depends on the individual characteristics of the patient's body, his specific conditions and the size of the correct area. Therefore, 3 to 10 may be required.

Advantages of the model

To understand why it is worth buying this particular model of vacuum roller massager, know its competitive advantages:

The presence of a series of handpieces allows you to perform a series of procedures to take care of various parts of the body. And their ergonomic design allows you to process even hard-to-reach areas.

The result of the application can be viewed after the first application. The effect after a course of procedures is pronounced and lasts a long time.

Performing manipulations is painless for the patient. No need for anesthetics.

The menu is designed taking into account the use of the device by experienced specialists and beginners: the interface is intuitive, it is quite easy to understand the controls.

Among other things, the high output power of OSKAR-WILLIAMS allows you to achieve long-lasting results much faster than traditional vacuum massager models.


It is forbidden to use the device in the following conditions:

oncological processes in the body;

pathology of the endocrine system;

cardiovascular diseases;

inflammatory processes, cuts, abrasions, burns on the skin in the exposure area;

the presence of an integrated pacemaker, metal and silicone implants;

pregnancy and lactation period.

It is important that the patient undergoes a detailed diagnosis before undergoing the procedure using this equipment.

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