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The attention of specialists in the cosmetology industry on the site presents a modern 3 in 1 TPL-400 cavitation apparatus. The small size of the device and its wide capabilities will provide the cosmetologist with incredibly comfortable performance of various corrective procedures.

The principle of operation of the apparatus

The peculiarity of the TPL-400 system is that it is equipped with two advanced technologies for modeling body contours and correction of age-related changes, namely:

Ultrasonic cavitation. Ultrasound cavitation is an alternative to surgical liposuction. Using the influence of ultrasonic waves, it is possible to ensure a decrease in body volume by 2-3 centimeters per treatment, but without any invasiveness. Ultrasound creates bubbles inside the fat cells, which, exploding, damage the adipocyte basement membranes, pushing fat into the lymph. From there, it is excreted within a few weeks, providing a decrease in volumes. Of course, to achieve pronounced results, a course of procedures will be required. But the achieved effect lasts for a long time. And if a person leads a healthy lifestyle and exercises, the results can be permanent.

RF lifting. RF lifting technology is also an alternative to surgery. It is used to dissolve fat in the body and its speedy detoxification, as well as to rejuvenate and tighten the skin. The method uses the influence of RF waves, which cause heating of fat deposits, their dilution, after which the decay products are excreted through the sweat glands. The same heating principle is applied in the correction of age-related changes: RF waves heat collagen fibers, causing them to shrink and the skin to instantly tighten. In addition, the technology stimulates the synthesis of new collagen, providing a rejuvenating effect for a long time.

A set of 3 nozzles is available - 1 cavitation and 2 RF for work on the face and body. If necessary, the specialist can use the nozzles at the same time during one procedure to achieve the best results.

Adjustable Conditions

Given the above possibilities, it is not surprising that the TPL-400 is used for the following procedures:

removal of body fat on any part of the face and body;

a decrease in the severity or complete smoothing of cellulite;

modeling the contours of the face and body;

lifting of sagging, sagging skin;

restoration of firmness and elasticity of tissues;

smoothing wrinkles and creases on the skin;

whitening the skin, improving its tone, reducing the severity of age spots;

smoothing of acne, scars, stretch marks;

metabolic acceleration;

stimulation of cell regeneration;

stimulation of the synthesis of new collagen;

relieve fatigue and reduce stress;

reduction of muscle pain syndromes.

Depending on the corrected condition and processing area, the specialist selects a nozzle that is suitable in size.

Model benefits

It is worth choosing the TPL-400 device among other models for a number of reasons:

The functional features of the device allow you to perform a wide range of manipulations without the need for additional equipment.

The presence of LED lamps in the RF nozzle for the face allows you to perform whitening and treatment procedures for the skin. This provides not only a cosmetic, but also a therapeutic effect.

Anesthesia is not required during the procedures, which provides long-term savings. And due to the fact that after the treatments there is no rehabilitation period, immediately after the patient can return to the usual affairs. This way you can attract customers who are looking for results, but are not ready for the operation.

Ease of use is due to an intuitive menu, so even an entry-level specialist can figure out the settings.

And the biggest advantage is the great functionality with the incredibly compact size of the device. It can be placed on any surface without sacrificing free space, so it is an ideal choice even for small rooms.

Technical specifications

40K cavitation + 5MHz RF technology

Ultrasonic operating frequency 40 kHz

Ultrasonic output 10

Ultrasonic output mode 4

RF output frequency 5 MHz

RF output reducer 10

RF knob # 2 (3-pole + 4-pole)

White color

ABS main material

Cavitation head material: stainless steel

RF radio head material: stainless steel

Display: 4.3 inches with touch screen

Size: 130mm (width) X 133 (thickness) 190mm (height)

Weight 2.3 kg (with handle)

Packing size 42.5x32x25cm

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