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The cavitation device KAVITA-2 is a professional small-sized device that without violating the integrity of the dermis (non-invasively) will save clients of beauty salons from excessive fatty tissue, age and facial wrinkles, renew the collagen frame and tighten the skin to restore the contours of the face and body. Along with these procedures, KAVITA-2 will provide ultrasound micromassage and / or RF rejuvenation of the dermis, and conduct effective lymphatic drainage. All types of procedures performed do not require the introduction of anesthetic or therapeutic drugs, do not violate the integrity of the skin and do not pose a risk of infection of a person during the manipulation.

The KAVITA-2 model uses the following technologies:

Ultrasonic cavitation is one of the most popular methods of “dissolving” and removing fat deposits in any part of the body today. Fat removal occurs due to the cavitation effect, in which cavities are created for a short time under the influence of ultrasonic vibrations in the lipocytes and the fat cell "collapses". At the same time, the cell membrane is destroyed and triglyceoids from the cell enter the intercellular space. Further, fatty acids are excreted from the body with lymph flow. Ultrasonic cavitation can not only quickly destroy adipocytes and reduce the amount of fatty tissue, but also contributes to the fastest possible removal of lipocyte contents from the body, since it stimulates lymph flow and the flow of metabolic processes. In addition, using ultrasound, the cosmetologist performs micromassage at the cellular level and stimulates the renewal of dermal cells, which has a beneficial effect on the appearance of a person.

Multipolar RF is another popular non-surgical technology for removing fat and modeling body contours. The technique is based on intense heating of tissues with radio waves that penetrate to the deepest layers of the dermis and allow you to heat fatty tissue for its quickest elimination and removal of the cell contents from the body. RF can also heat the collagen fibers of the SMAS layer, which form the skeleton of the skin. Under the influence of radio waves, the old fibers are compressed, providing a quick short-term lift with the removal of wrinkles, and are gradually replaced by new ones that provide a long-lasting lifting effect. For procedures of multipolar RF exposure, KAVITA-2 is equipped with two nozzles (handles) for processing various parts of the body and face. Both tips use tripolar RF, but the oscillation frequency is different. This allows for manipulations on the face and neck to use a less powerful, “soft” heating of the delicate tissues of the dermis in these areas. Radio wave heating of tissues also improves the course of all biochemical processes at the cellular level and allows you to rejuvenate the skin.

Both methods do not require anesthesia and provide complete safety due to the non-invasive method of performing the procedures.

The device allows you to simultaneously connect all the manipulators, and the choice of the operating mode and adjustment of the session parameters are made using the bright LCD touch screen, which displays the control menu and the parameters of the device. The KAVITA-2 model has small dimensions and light weight, which allows you to place it anywhere in the cabin and does not cause problems when moving it to another workplace, and high quality workmanship ensures long trouble-free operation of the device.

Main characteristics:

Ultrasonic cavitation

Frequency, kHz 35 ... 42

Output power, W 100


Tripolar RF (body)

RF mode bipolar

RF frequency, MHz 0.8 ... 1

Output power, W 100


Tripolar RF (person)

RF mode bipolar

RF frequency, MHz 0.4 ... 0.8

Output power, W 100


Power supply parameters 110V ± 10% 60 Hz or 220V ± 10% 50Hz

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