Apparatus for vacuum massage and RF lifting 4in1 AS-6313 (NV-I3)

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The apparatus for vacuum massage and RF lifting AS-6313 (NV-I3) "4in1" is a bright representative of modern hardware cosmetology, which helps in solving various aesthetic problems. Such equipment is used in anti-obesity ... Read more...

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RF , MHz 2 (body), 4 (face)
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The apparatus for vacuum massage and RF lifting AS-6313 (NV-I3) "4in1" is a bright representative of modern hardware cosmetology, which helps in solving various aesthetic problems. Such equipment is used in anti-obesity programs, skin rejuvenation procedures, and for health purposes.

Functions of the apparatus for vacuum massage and RF lifting AS-6313 (NV-I3):

vacuum massage;

ultrasound therapy;

bipolar RF and multipolar RF;

phototherapy with infrared radiation.

Procedures that are performed using the apparatus AS-6313 (NV-I3):

Treatment of local fat deposits.

Decrease in total body weight.

Elimination of cellulite at different stages.

Body contour modeling.

Lymphatic drainage procedures, removal of excess fluid from the body.

Lifting procedures and increasing skin turgor.

Correction of facial contours, elimination of edema under the eyes.

Smoothing stretch marks and scarring on the skin.

Lightening complexion, smoothing wrinkles.

Activation of metabolic processes and increase skin tone.

The package includes a set of functional manipulators.

The manipulator for ultrasonic cavitation.

Vacuum massage manipulator with multipolar RF and IR therapy.

Vacuum massage manipulator with bipolar RF and IR therapy.

Manipulation of bipolar RF and IR exposure.

Proper application of the device programs will provide an excellent result from the procedures.

Ultrasonic cavitation. During this program, microbubbles are formed inside the fat cells, which “explode” and change the pressure inside the cells. The fluid released from the cells is excreted by the lymphatic system. Ultrasonic cavitation is especially effective in combination with vacuum massage and lymphatic drainage.

Vacuum action During the massage, a pressure with a negative characteristic is created, which creates a special manipulation. The skin area is absorbed into the manipula, where there is a deep processing of soft tissues. Such procedures help to reduce stagnant processes, accelerate blood circulation and accelerate metabolic processes. The elimination of toxins and triglycerides accumulated in the tissue layers occurs faster and more efficiently. Vacuum massage, when carried out correctly, has a beneficial effect on the skin, increases its elasticity and promotes cell regeneration. The device allows you to combine vacuum exposure with infrared radiation, resulting in tissue heating and acceleration of blood circulation.

IR exposure One of the maniples of the device reproduces infrared radiation, which facilitates metabolic processes and normalizes the functioning of cells. Gentle warming of tissues helps to relax and enjoy the session.

RF lifting The radio wave effect has a rejuvenating and firming effect. This function is used in programs to smooth deep and fine wrinkles, and to correct facial contours. The use of various nozzles makes it possible to use this function in face, neck, décolleté and body care procedures. Gentle heating of all tissue layers is the process of collagen fiber renewal.

The lifting effect is manifested in two stages. Immediately after the procedure, collagen fibers are compressed and the papillary layer of the dermis swells, which affects the tone of the skin and its elasticity. Some time after the course of procedures, the collagen framework is completely replaced with new fibers.

Distinctive advantages of the AS - 6313:

Providing quick and lasting results after the procedures.

Absolute safety and painless procedures.

The process of rehabilitation after rejuvenation procedures has been excluded.

Simple control and programming of the device.

The ability to work in automatic mode.

Compact size and ergonomic design.

The economical use of supplies.

Fast payback of equipment.

Parameters of the AS - 6313 (NV-I3)

The frequency of ultrasonic vibrations, kHz 40

Number of ultrasound cavitation programs 5

Polarity RF bipolar, multipolar

RF frequency, MHz 2 (body), 4 (face)

Number of RF Modes 3

The intensity of the vacuum, mm Hg / bar 650 / 0.8

Wavelength of a light beam, nm 650

Display touch LCD display, 7 ", touchscreen

Power supply parameters ~ 100-120V / 200-240V 50Hz / 60Hz

Supply voltage, V 110-220
Display 7"
Frequency, Hz RF , MHz 2 (body), 4 (face)
General characteristics of lasers
Wavelength, nm 650
Technical characteristics of cryolipolysis devices
Pressure, Bar 0.8
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