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This portable device is intended for the treatment of lymphatic drainage which helps the metabolism to function properly and avoid the accumulation of liguido and fat. Lymphatic drainage massage helps to solve the problems of edema or swelling, related to the accumulation of liquid in the tissues.

This appliance includes 2 arm belts, 2 leg belts, 1 abdominal phase, 2 foot boots and a blanket. During the treatment the sections inflate and deflate regularly and change the air pressure continuously, so they massage and reduce cellulite and eliminate toxic substances from the body. All accessories can be used together or separately. The feeding pressure on the arms, abdomen and thighs can be adjusted separately.

 This portable appliance is the ideal tool for body massage and relaxation. Using this appliance it is possible to achieve the following effects:

Fat melting and cellulite reduction

Improvement of metabolism and activation of blood circulation

Weight loss and toxin dissipation

Reduction of edema or swelling

Reduction of pressure and relaxation of the body.

The main applications are:

Infraded saund clothing to reduce fat

Electronic muscle stimulation to tighten the skin

Pressotherapy for massage and de-toxin treatment

There are 3 modes:

Pressotherapy: which allows pressure from cycles or all together to increase venous and lymphatic flow.

Infrared: the slimming treatment quickly because it increases the basic metabolic rate which allows you to lose weight.

SME: creates electronic impulse to stimulate special points on the body and regulate the endocrine system, increase metabolism.

Equipment and technical features:

Includes display with command buttons

The intensity regulator

Timer and adjustable time

Adjustable pressure

Power supply: 220V, 50/60 Hz

Dimensions: 106 55 46.5cm

Compliant with CE regulations

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