AS-600 vacuum roller massage device

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AS-600 vacuum roller massage device

The innovative technologies allow you to perform high quality massages with the use of special equipment, which the European Medical Systems online shop offers to your attention. One of the most popular models is the AS-600 vacuum roller massage device, which performs a complete program to combat fat deposits. This model is based on the principle of negative pressure, the pump forms a fold in the skin and sucks it into the cuff, in which the massage rollers are incorporated, they help to break down the fat cells. The roller massage treats the skin and favorably affects the muscles, increasing their tone. At the same time, it performs a vibrating effect and a massage with the vacuum and the rollers.

The LPG-600 device significantly increases lymph flow, accelerates blood circulation and supplies oxygen to the tissues. As a result of this treatment, the metabolism and the process of removing toxins from the body is accelerated.

The construction of the device allows you to choose the suitable program and the degree of exposure, taking into account the individual sensitivity of the customer. The presence in the set of different nozzles offers the possibility to perform massages on the body, face, neck, décolleté. The hoses are programmed by the specialist for a specific time, after which they are automatically disabled.

The range of procedures of the AS-600 vacuum roller massage device:

Correction of the contours of the body and decrease in weight;

· Lifting of the skin after a noticeable weight loss;

· Lifting of the abdomen (after pregnancy), hips and buttocks;

Facial programs (cleaning of the pores, lifting of the skin, correction of the oval of the face, elimination of sagging skin around the eyes).

The device is quite compact, this allows you to use it both in the studio and at home. The modest weight of the appliance (4.3 kg) allows it to be moved during home visits, the size of the functional block is also quite contained (46.5 Х 36 Х 50 cm), but these measures have in no way affected the efficiency of the model. The power of the AS - 600 (68W) fixture guarantees the treatment of the deep layers of the tissues.


Main features

Drain created in the nozzle 0.7 Bar

Number of vacuum cups 6 PCS

Number of circular rollers for massage 3 PCS

General characteristics

Dimensions 46.5 x 36 x 50 cm

Power 68 W

Frequency 50-60 Hz

Voltage 110/220 V

Weight 4.3 kg

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