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We present the new multifunctional cosmetic watch device developed by German technologists, intended for professional use in beauty salons and beauty salons. This device is an integrated approach to treatment and skin care, as it contains 8 functions. It has a patented technology that allows you to increase the number of manipulations. Modern design, guaranteed quality, effective procedures - all of this is a guarantee of success!

Electroporation (mesotherapy without injection)

Electroporation of the area under the eyes;

Ultrasonic scrubber;

Mesotherapy with oxygen;

Cryotherapy, hot / cold;

RF lifting;


Vacuum therapy.

This high quality product will help fight wrinkles, skin aging, acne, etc. You can offer the customer not only face treatment, but also the neck, décolleté, arms, legs and hips.

Ultrasonic scrubber - perfectly cleanses clogged skin and pores. Practical ultrasonic headstock, noiseless. After this peeling, the skin is cleaned and prepared for the next steps.

Mesotherapy on oxygen - useful and very pleasant procedure, it has obtained excellent reviews from customers. During the procedure, the patient relaxes as during a massage. Suitable for all skin types, especially for that prone to irritation. Thanks to the special properties of oxygen, the skin undergoes antiseptic and repairing effects. Oxygen passes deep into the dermis and carries active substances with it to its destination.


Oxygen mesotherapy improves and prolongs the effect of subsequent procedures;

Without trauma;

Active substances penetrate deep into the dermis;

RF facelift - with this manipulation you will solve the most common problems, such as: loss of tone, elasticity of the skin, wrinkles, "crow's feet", cellulite. 70% of women notice positive results already after the first session! Customers will certainly appreciate the absence of pain and effectiveness in addressing a particular problem:

Pigmentation spots, wrinkles;

Loss of tone, elasticity of the skin of the neck and eyelids;


Loss of body contour

Recovery after pregnancy.

Radio wave therapy: will bring excellent results especially after repeated use. The basis of this manipulation is diathermy, which consists of heating the skin with current impulses. Thanks to this effect, it improves blood circulation, lymphatic flow.

But the main mechanism of the RF procedure is the compaction of structures containing collagen thanks to heat. The fibers thicken and contract. As a result, a colossal lifting effect and skin rejuvenation are observed.

Electroporation - non-invasive method that helps introduce a variety of substances into the deeper layers of the skin. Electroporation does not require perforation of the dermis, which is its main advantage. Our multifunction device has handpieces that allow you to work with both gel and concentrated liquid textures. The introduction of cosmetics will allow:

Feed the skin with beneficial substances;

Correct wrinkles;

Improve and uniform the complexion of the face;

Improve skin tone.

Алмазная микродермабразия

Very well known procedure by all beauticians that does not need advertising. Microdermabrasion is a gentle smoothing, scars, post acne can be smoothed. The skin acquires a uniform tone, the pigmented spots and redness are leveled The skin acquires a uniform tone, the pigmented spots and redness are leveled. This manipulation is pleasant for the patient, does not irritate, shows an immediate effect. With this multifunctional appliance you will provide your customer with absolute safety during execution. It can be used on different parts of the body that require corrections. The recovery period is several hours. After microdermabrasion, electroporation, cryotherapy, light therapy are perfect.


Heat 20 ° С-16 ° С - re-warms the skin, opens the pores, free from impurities. It accelerates blood circulation.

Cold - excellent onlusion of any procedure. The pores shrink, the complexion is uniform, excellent toning!

Vacuum massage

Mainly used before complex physiotherapeutic procedures such as electroporation or mesotherapy.

As a result: muscles relax, blood flow increases, oxygen supply arrives, regeneration processes accelerate, lymph and blood outflows improve, swelling disappears, toxins are released, fibroblasts are activated, tone of the facial muscles has increased, wrinkles are smoothed.

Technical Aratteristihe:

Ultrasonic peak frequency: 30 kHz

RF frequency: 0.4 - 0.6 М Hz

Vacuum pressure: 700 kPa N

Power: ≤80 W

Voltage: 220 V

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