AS M1, The ultrasonic scrubber

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This is a great practical and self-sustaining unit. With its help you can perform useful and popular treatments: ultrasonic peeling, desincrustation. The device allows you to combine several manipulations at the same time, so you can serve your client on a highest level and give him only a good impression from your work. It is very easy to operate AS-M1; a special blade has a sharp side and a flat side. Sharp side performs ultrasonic scrubbing. With the second side you can do a micro massage. This is a profitable option for a small cosmetic practice, the cost of the unit AS-M1 is small relative to analog devices and its quality and durability allows you to use it regularly for years. By making a single purchase AS-M1 you buy a unit for decades. The base of this device’s work is the biomolecular acceleration. The device is good for teen and sensitive skin, it increases its immunity (local), and it has the antiseptic effect, lowering the inflammation in the tissue. The tone of the face becomes good and healthy, because the sebaceous glands are regulated.

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