AS-M2, ultrasonic peeling, phonophoresis and micro-massage

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Cosmetology accomplished the huge technological jumps in recent years in solving aesthetic problems of millions of people. The presented model can carry out high-quality treatment in your salon and show excellent results and efficiency. You can produce a safe cleansing of your customer’s skin, removing a layer of dead skin cells, as a professional cosmetology master. The device is effective even in launched situations, because there is not only ultrasonic peeling in the arsenal of its capabilities, but phonophoresis and even micro-massage! Presented equipment is convenient and simple to use. Bimolecular acceleration technology effects on human skin synergistically with ultrasonic waves and electrical impulses. This makes it possible to combine two procedures in one - ultrasonic peeling and desincrustation. This procedure not only scrapes pores, but also prevents the rapid clogging of the pores.

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