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Nowadays there are really many ways to combat cellulite and local fat deposits, which differ in effectiveness and cost of treatment. The BC-R9 appliance uses one of the most effective and economical methods: the vacuum roller massage, which really helps to get rid of cellulite and is recognized as one of the best ways to combat excess fat deposits.

The treatment mechanism is quite simple: during the procedure, some pressure is obtained on the skin with the help of mobile rollers and air dilution under the nozzle itself. This treatment method not only performs the massage, but allows you to correct the figure thanks to the effective "breakdown" of the fat tissues, guarantees lymphatic drainage and allows you to significantly improve the functioning of the skin cells.

One of the main advantages of the vacuum roller massage is the use for the treatment and stimulation of only the natural processes of the human body.

The BC-R9 vacuum roller massage device is simple and reliable in operation, which is guaranteed by the control system with microcontroller. This system allows you to choose the operating modes using a simple menu on the monitor screen and to easily make all the necessary adjustments and then automatically check the set parameters.

The results of the procedures performed with the use of the BC-R9 appliance are:

improvement of general skin tone, restoration of skin elasticity and firmness;

improvement of the contours of the figure;

improvement of blood and lymph microcirculation;

activation of lipolysis processes;

elimination of stretch marks;

decrease in the intensity of chronic pain, removal of spasms;

decrease in the sense of tiredness after intense sports and other physical activities;

strengthening of the muscular system.

Of course, treatments of this kind take time, but this time must be considered as an investment in one's own health! To obtain the desired effect, 8 to 12 sessions are required with a certain interval, but the final result will be very welcome.

Main technical features:

Degree of dilution, mbar 0-800

Ignition frequency of the vacuum, Hz 0-5

Adjusting the duration of the vacuum Yes

Timer, min. 1-60

Network parameters 220-240V 50Hz

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