BELISARIO diode laser for hair removal and skin rejuvenation

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The diode laser for hair removal BELISARIO, proposed by the company EMS Beauty, allows you to quickly, safely and, most importantly, permanently remove all types of hair from people of any gender and race. For effective hair removal, it does not matter what kind of hair is or where they are located - the BELISARIO laser performs equally effectively and painlessly epilation of very light or very dark, "abundant" or thick hair on the face, body, upper or lower limbs. With its help, you can equally successfully remove the mustache on the upper lip, the fluff on the forearms or hair in the armpits, and make the epilation practically painless in the bikini zone. In addition to the ideally performed epilation, BELISARIO is a very convenient and reliable device for various anti-aging procedures, this is facilitated by the use of three wave bands and a very wide range of variation of the radius parameters. All procedures are absolutely painless, during the session there is no risk of burns, there are no side effects. At the same time, BELISARIO is able to work without interruptions throughout the day without changing the radiation characteristics or altering the characteristics, even the most insignificant.

Purpose, features and advantages of the BELISARIO diode laser

Three types of radiation are used for hair removal for various hair types and for sessions to remove them from the skin of various types of photosensitivity: 755 nm for the vegetation, light, 808 nm for most types of hair and dermis, 1064 nm for darker hair with the hair follicles deep. Each of the types of radiation has a different depth of penetration and has its own "working niche" during epilation. The choice of wavelength depends on the content in the tissues of the dermis and follicles of the coloring pigment - melanin, the amount of which largely determines the choice of the wavelength of light. When the energies of the dazzling are applied to the dermis and follicles, the cells (melanocytes) are heated selectively, determining the color of the hair. Since the surrounding tissues, as a rule, have a lower concentration of melanin, complete destruction occurs only in the hair follicles with the disruption of further hair growth in these areas. When choosing other parameters of the intensity of laser radiation, the BELISARIO diode laser is able to perform various procedures: revitalization of the dermis, strengthening, general healing of tissues and other types of manipulations. All these possibilities are provided by the choice of wave ranges and the regulation of radiation parameters. To ensure a high level of safety of the sessions, while maintaining the therapeutic effect, the device is equipped with an advanced system that provides a cooling, stable contact of the epidermis and dermis at t = -5 ° C, and also maintains the operation of all equipment in strict accordance with all the parameters set.

The BELISARIO diode laser is designed for:

permanent depilation on a wide variety of skin areas: on the lips, chin, chest, armpits, back of the body, arms and legs, in the bikini zone;

rejuvenation of cells of all layers of the dermis due to thermolysis and stimulation of the course of biochemical processes in tissues;

lifting due to recombination of the protein structures of the subdermal layer;

elimination of age and mimic wrinkles, as well as other manipulations for which laser thermolysis and stimulation with light radiation are used.

The list of distinctive features and advantages of the device includes:

the ability to work effectively with all skin types (I-VI);

no damage to the skin, sweat glands, the appearance of scars or pigmentation after Sessions;

high procedures speed, high efficiency, safety;

low cooling temperature of the skin contact - up to -5 ° C, providing painless manipulation;

Multilingual Menu with preset parameters for the ideal setting based on race, sex, area and color to be treated, thickness and position of hair;

use of a three-level platform with high-power radiation and wavelengths of 755, 808, 1064 nm, covering all types of epilation;

the warranty period of the emitting diode is increased to 20,000,000 flashes;

using unique components and technologies from the best manufacturers in Germany, Italy, USA and other countries in the apparatus;

the maximum period of continuous operation of the device is more than 5 hours.

You can buy this wonderful laser with a wide range of functions and maximum reliability on the site filling out an application for purchase or calling the managers of the online store at one of the phone numbers. Our managers will answer all your questions regarding the possibilities and features of using the BELISARIO laser, as well as enroll in a free training course to work with this device. Buyers of this device can undergo training, both at the training center and remotely, in chat or video conferencing mode, which will allow specialists from any locality in Ukraine to quickly improve their skills.

Features of the BELISARIO laser:

Laser type 600W laser diode unit made in Germany or USA China manufacturer

Wavelength, nm 755, 808, 1064

Laser spot size, mm 12x20, 10x12 to choose from (for a 12x10 mm handpiece, you can add a small head with a 3x3mm spot)

Pulse width adjustment, ms 10-1400

Maximum energy, J / cm2 128

Frequency, Hz 1-20 (in continuous radiation mode)

10.4 inch color LCD Touch screen Display

Menu languages 8 languages

Power supply parameters ~ 220d ± 22V 50-60Hz 10A

Size, cm 62x50x105

Weight, kg 79

Manufacturer Korea

Project features:

Power Supply, W 2000 (Taiwan)

Air + water + solid state cooling system with continuous condition monitoring

Sapphire + TEC + water cooling handpiece tip with real-time temperature control

Features of Italian water cooling water pump with Flow Control, liquid level and temperature

Filtration system medical filtration system China manufacturer

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