BONAVENTURA hair removal diode laser

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The BONAVENTURA hair removal diode laser uses light with a wavelength of 808 nm, which penetrates the dermis at a greater depth and allows you to effectively perform thermal destruction of the hair follicles (follicles) without damaging other types of dermal tissue . Thanks to these radiation characteristics (selective absorption of energy by the melanocytes and high penetrating power of the rays) on the skin cells, it is possible to perform a permanent epilation without damaging the cells with a lower melanin content. Another possibility of using lasers with a wave of 808 nm is the rejuvenation of all layers of the dermis and the provision of a lifting effect due to the stimulation of collagen production. Considering the two main characteristics of the effect of this range of radiation on the skin, we can safely say that the BONAVENTURA hair removal device is a universal device that allows epilation on I-VI skin types without damaging the surface, causing scarring or pigment spots, pain or other unwanted side effects.

All these features are typical of lasers with a wave of 808 nm, but the BONAVENTURA model has a series of differences that allow it to be distinguished from a large number of such devices and to advise beauty salons interested in making long-term investments in development. business and improve its image among customers.

The characteristics of the BONAVENTURA device are:

high maximum adjustable energy density and multiple output power levels;

total protection of the patient's skin from thermal burns and the appearance of pain thanks to an effective crystal cooling system of the dermis;

very long service life of the diode laser unit produced by the German company Dilas;

possibility of performing procedures throughout the day without interruption to cool the appliance;

use according to the stationary processing mode and the "in motion" mode thanks to the high frequency of the pulses and the adjustment of the beam intensity within wide limits;

high reliability and stability of the parameters thanks to the use of parts and components of the best world producers of cosmetic equipment;

effective closed circuit air and liquid cooling of the device blocks;

automatic control of maintenance of operating modes with equipment shutdown in case of malfunctions;

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