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Introducing the BTL EXILIS Radio Wave and Ultrasonic Liposuction Unit using the patented BTL EXILIS ™ technology. Thanks to this technology, the device produces non-invasive liposuction using monopolar radio frequency ra... Read more...

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Introducing the BTL EXILIS Radio Wave and Ultrasonic Liposuction Unit using the patented BTL EXILIS ™ technology. Thanks to this technology, the device produces non-invasive liposuction using monopolar radio frequency radiation in combination with ultrasonic treatment of adipose tissue. The use of innovative methods of radio-frequency and ultrasonic lipolysis allows you to quickly remove fat deposits while remodeling the contours of any part of the body. An effective thermoelectric cooling system allows manipulations without the risk of overheating of body tissues, and the power control system used in the manipulators provides a constant energy level and uniformity of the processing of the fat layer.

The scope of the device is:

removal of body fat in any part of the body with a decrease in the manifestations of cellulite;

procedures to improve the tone and elasticity of the dermis;

facial rejuvenation and wrinkle removal with an additional anti-aging effect;

lifting the face, neck, abdomen, hips, and limbs;

recombination of collagen fibers and body remodeling.


The main feature of this model is the use of the patented BTL EXILIS ™ technology, which made it possible to simultaneously use intense focused unipolar radio emission with the maximum possible energy penetration depth and ultrasonic waves in the process of non-invasive lipolysis.

BTL EXILIS is the only lipolysis device to date that produces simultaneous ultrasonic breakdown of fat deposits and their heating by radio wave radiation using one BTL EXILIS combined manipulator. In the process, at first there is a mechanical “splitting” of the lipocyte membranes with the help of mechanical ultrasonic vibrations, and after that the tissue begins to warm up with a powerful stream of radio waves that focus at a strictly specified depth. Radio wave thermolysis accelerates the processing of fatty acids contained in lipocytes, and contributes to their rapid removal from tissues. The design of BTL EXILIS manipulators ensures that both types of exposure are performed “in one pass”, which can significantly speed up the procedure while maintaining high treatment efficiency. The safety of the session is ensured by the use of thermoelectric cooling systems and energy flow control. Thermoelectric cooling protects tissues from overheating with RF energy, and the energy control system (EFC) provides high uniformity and stability of energy exposure, preventing the possibility of skin damage.

Another technique used in BTL EXILIS is CRT (Call agent Refill technology) facial rejuvenation, based on the double exposure of ultrasound and radio waves to the deeper layers of the dermis. It provides improved skin density by stimulating neocollagenesis, which allows you to restore the structure of the dermis, improve facial contours, perform a tightening and remove the second chin, eliminate gravitational ptosis in the neck, and restore facial contours. Moreover, the result of treatment does not depend on the color or shade of the skin, which allows you to use the technique for all skin types.

Advantages of the BTL EXILIS

The BTL EXILIS radio-ultrasonic lipolysis apparatus is one of the most advanced models used in non-invasive cosmetology, and the use of technology

BTL EXILIS technology offers very great advantages over equipment with other lipolysis techniques.

The advantages of the apparatus of radio-ultrasonic lipolysis are:

the highest treatment efficiency in the cosmetology market;

maximum accessibility for clients of this non-invasive treatment method;

treatment takes place without pain, impaired tissue integrity and does not require the use of anesthesia;

high speed of execution of procedures and minimal loss of time;

noticeability of results after 4 procedures;

prolonged preservation of treatment results;

the most modern security systems that are built into each manipulation;

minimum amount of consumables required for the procedures;

simplicity and ease of control modes thanks to the touch screen and preset parameters;

programmable user protocols;

treatment can be performed by a specialist who is familiar with the rules of operation of the equipment;

low price and fast return on investment.

Brief characteristics of BTL EXILIS

BTL EXILIS ™ technique used

Ultrasonic facelift and RF slimming treatments

Manipulas 2 pcs. - One for the face and one for the body

Color touch screen, size - 8 inches

Body material metal

Resource of work without restrictions

ISO 13485, RoHS, CE, EMC certification

AC 220V 50 Hz

Packing size, cm 117x65x65

Equipment Manipulas 2
Supply voltage, V 220
Dimensions, cm 117x65x65
Display 8"
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