Cavitation and RF lifting device Cavi-Lipo DEX

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We - in the online store "EMS Beauty” - are pleased to present you a device for effective figure correction Cavi-Lipo DEX. The innovation of the technology opens up new opportunities for the cosmetologist. 

System features

The Cavi-Lipo DEX device is an innovative equipment that combines the effects of pulsating ultrasonic pulses (ultrasonic tip), vacuum suction (suction tip) with controlled medium and low frequency rollers and additional LEDs. The system is designed for effective treatment of cellulite and fat with the help of a unique endomological

technology combined with electrical stimulation. And the presence of convenient and lightweight attachments provides the specialist with an absolutely comfortable study of even hard-to-reach areas. 

The purpose of the Cavi-Lipo DEX device is to perform a painless massage together with an easy and painless treatment. The technology is based on the operation of a safe cavitation generator in combination with professional modes developed taking into account medical research. The device provides patients with the desired results for a short course of procedures. 

To order Cavi-Lipo DEX at a bargain price, leave a callback request on the ems-beauty website and the store manager will contact you on a weekday to place an order. 

Equipment Characteristics

Dimensions - 51x40x12.5 cm

Weight - 54 kg

Device - 49 kg, manipulators - 5 kg

Voltage - 110-240 V

Frequency - 50/60 Hz

power - 230 W

Vacuum pressure - 250 mmHg (+/- 20)

Display - 7 inch LCD screen, 800x480 pixels

Touch control panel - LED light with a high degree of sensation

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