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Cavitation and vacuum device RF TPL - 820. Cosmetology devices help to solve such problems as excess weight, local accumulation of fat, cellulite at different stages, sagging skin. Using modern equipment, cosmetologists manage to adjust the contours of the body and give the body harmony and beauty. The RF TPL-820 model is presented on the website of UMS beauty and is designed to quickly and painlessly solve these problems.

The device reproduces the ultrasonic effect, which contributes to the destruction of the fat layer due to the destruction of adipocytes and their removal through the lymphatic system. Also, the device reproduces radio frequency waves, they contribute to the softening of adipocytes and their rapid elimination.

Vacuum also helps to reduce body fat, which, in combination with radio frequency waves, accelerates the whole process and increases the efficiency of the entire procedure. Thus, a powerful effect on the subcutaneous fat layer occurs on three sides, which leads to an excellent result.

To stimulate metabolic processes and restore weakened functions, biostimulation by low-frequency currents of negative and positive polarity is used. Using in one device all of these methods allows you to choose the most effective way to rejuvenate tissues, which will achieve maximum results in the shortest possible time. For the operation of the TPL-820 apparatus, several specialized nozzles are used, in which ultrasound, electrical oscillations of the radio frequency range, vacuum, positively and negatively charged ions are integrated.

Procedures performed by the TPL - 820.

Decrease in body fat;

Cellulite treatment at different stages;

Lifting and anti-aging programs;

Smoothing fine and deep wrinkles;

Elimination of wrinkles in the eye area;

fibroblast stimulation to activate cell regeneration processes;

Elimination of stretch marks, scars on the skin;

Body contour correction;

Smoothing the skin on the face, neck, neckline;

The cavitation and vacuum RF TPL-820 is very effective and, when used correctly, will provide a high result from the procedures. To achieve maximum results, experts recommend combining several types of effects on the body or alternating them with each other.

Distinctive features of the device TPL - 820:

the presence of special nozzles for exposure to different parts of the body;

improved ergonomics of nozzles - manipulators, for the most comfortable use;

process control via touch screen;

harmonious and stylish appearance that will fit into the interior of the cosmetology cabinet.

Main technical specifications:

applied ultrasound cavitation + vacuum + RF + biostimulation programs

Ultrasound cavitation frequency, kHz 40

The frequency of biostimulation, Hz 20

The frequency of the bipolar radio wave exposure, MHz 5

Frequency of multipolar radio wave exposure, MHz 5

Vacuum exposure and RF frequency, kPa / MHz 0-90 / 5

The maximum duration of the session, min 40

Screen 8 inch color, touch control

Power supply parameters 110–220V, 50/60 Hz, 20A

Weight, kg 14

Quality Certificate CE, ISO13485, RoHS


Accessories (nozzles), pcs.

Head of ultrasonic cavitation 1

BIO stimulation 1

Vacuum + radio wave exposure 1

Multipolar radio wave exposure 1

Radio wave exposure for face 1

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