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Ultracavitation presents the latest generation technique. This is the non-invasive treatment that shapes the body and reduces cellulite the fat located on the areas of the abdomen, thighs, hips and others. The ultracavitation technique uses low frequency ultrasound to reduce the fattyness of the fat, break the membrane of the accumulations and freeing the fat which is then modified and transformed into diglycerides and is naturally eliminated with urine. In this way, the body can be improved by the natural metabolic pathways without surgery.

Ultrasound breaks down only the fatty tissue that is more on the surface than muscals and organs. That is, the depth of action of the ultrasonic cavitation is at 1.5-2 cm. Thus ultrasound does not damage microcirculation as blood vessels are elastic and absorb this pressure without breaking.

It must be remembered that before cavitation treatment the patient's condition must be determined, as there are contraindications for people with kidney problems, with metal implants and pregnant women. For this reason, if you are not the healthy person, you should consult your doctor before using cavitation.

The cavitation procedure with this appliance will be painless and very effective. It requires no anesthesia and has no risk for healthy people. Thanks to cavitation you can lose weight and volume, shape the body and reaffirm the tissues. The first results will be visible already after the first sessions, but one session per month must be carried out, so the effect will be lasting.

This cavitation appliance model has 2 output modes:

Continuous: for areas with widespread adiposity

Discontinued: for slightly fatty areas

The technical characteristics are as follows:

Power supply: 220v

 Power: 30-100w

 Cavitation energy 2,5-30 w / cm2

 Frequency 28-33-40kHz

 Weight: 12 kg

The following accessories are included:

3 Manipoldi 40kHz, 33 kHz and 28 kHz

Power indicator

Foot control

Display and control keys

User manual

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