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There are aesthetic problems regarding localized fat that are more common among both men and women. Rigid diets and physical exercises do not always help in the rapid fight against cellulite and orange-burning effect. In order not to perform surgery but to remove the fat there is the best solution that can help solve these problems and obtain satisfactory results, this is cavitation. Through the use of ultrasound emission it is possible to obtain the desired result already after the first applications.

With this cavitation system it is possible to stimulate the metabolism of body tissues and in this way reduce cellulite, increase muscle flexibility and tone the skin and improve its elasticity.

The cavitation technique is based on a certain type of ultrasonic waves with a frequency of 40 kHz which cause the creation of micro bubbles that destroy fat cells and transform it from solid to liquid state. Thus the released fat will be metabolized and eliminated by the human body in a natural way.

The IB5002 cavitation system guarantees non-invasive treatment and without side effects. There are no risks for healthy people (contraindicated in people with metal implants, with liver problems and pregnant women). For this reason, before the cavitation treatment it is recommended to determine the patient's status in order not to take unnecessary risks. With the IB5002 appliance, it is easy to reduce cellulite, the fat located on problem areas and decrease volumes. This technique is the best solution for improving the appearance without particular discomforts and ailments.

Technical features:

- Power supply: 220-240v

- Power: 120w

- Cavitation: 40kHz

- Ultrasound: 1MHz

The IB5002 cavitation system includes:

1 Large handpiece with 7 cm diameter

1 Small handpiece with 5 cm diameter

2 Fuses (2A)

User manual


Alimentation cable

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