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Cavitation is the treatment that acts on the adipose tissue through ultrasounds which have the ability to reduce localized fat, cellulite and the orange-burn effect. Instead, radio frequency is a radio wave that acts on the skin, bones and cartilage and also on the meniscus, tendons and ligaments. Thus using the different energies it is possible to improve the skin and shape the body. Cavitation is an effective and safe technique through low frequency ultrasound allows to dissolve the fat, but the treatment must always be accompanied by a lymphatic massage. The radio frequency use to tone and firm the tissues. Both are non-surgical and highly effective procedures. But the course of the procedures for lasting effect is necessary. The radiofrequency for the face is called Bipolar and is used to smooth out wrinkles and reform collagen by stimulating the activity of fibroblasts.

The cavitation technique can be used in the areas of the buttocks, abdomen and lateral sides and internal part of the arms and legs. Radiofrequency is used on the face, neck and decolette and also on the same areas as cavitation.

With this machine it is possible to carry out the cavitation and radio frequency treatment on the necessary areas and also to apply the laser. The laser is suitable for skin rejuvenation and improvement of the treated area. The following accessories are included:

40 kHz cavitation handpiece with 7 cm diameter

Bipolar RF handpiece

Tripolar RF handpiece

Multipolar RF handpiece with laser diode

Foot control

Display and control keys

User manual

Technical features:

Power supply: 220-240v

Power: 25-30 / cm2

Output energy: 75-100w

Cavitation frequency: 40 kHz

RF frequency 3 and 5 mHz

Laser frequency 633nm

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