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Cavislim Advance esthetic cavitation device with double handpiece and continuous or pulse mode. Cavitation is the technology that uses the ultrasound emission that causes the removal of fat cells. This method is very effective and painless. With the cavitation technique you can shape the body and reduce fat in the areas of the thighs, abdomen, hips and in the buttocks. With this apparatus you can also accumulate fat in other areas but you must use the correct mode.

The Cavislim advance model includes Dual action technology to achieve different types of treatment. In large areas it is necessary to use continuous emissions because they produce more heat and confersice more force to the cavitational effect. On the other hand, for smaller areas with significant accumulation of fat it is preferable to use the pulsed mode and increase the intensity levels, thus increasing the cavitational effect and not increasing the temperature.

Cavilism Advance device is complete with 2 handpieces. The M80 handpiece has the largest diameter, it is intended for general treatments on all areas of the body. It has 4 programs in pulsed mode (P1-P2-P3-P4), 1 program in continuous mode (P5) and 5 intensity levels (5-10-15-20-25 minutes). The M38 handpiece is smaller in diameter and designed for stubborn and smaller fat areas. The handpiece has the most concentrated power and ultrasonic waves, has 10 programs in pulsed mode and 4 intensity levels. The treatment area can be controlled with the LED ring.

Technical features:

Electric power: 175w

Cavitation: 40kHz

Cavitation energy 5-47 watts / cm2

Power supply: 220v / 50Hz

Dimensions: 34x38x13cm

Weight 7 kg


Tecnovita Cavitation Gel 500 ml

Anti-cellulite serum 50 ml

Firming Action Serum 50ml

User manual and DVD

With the Cavilism Advance system you will forget about surgical surgeries because the results will be visible from the first session and you will have the body of your dream in a short time.

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