Chair for a master ST-11

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Beauty chair for a master ST-11 with adjustable backrest allows you to move freely around the office and work comfortably. The owner of this chair has the opportunity to:

         take a comfortable position with reasonable effort;

         adjust the height up to 58 cm using a special pump;

         equipped office in a modern style;

         do not worry about the quality, because the chair ST-11 is equipped with chrome accents;

         forget about fatigue, because there is no need to move from the patient to the equipment on the legs;

         choose a favorite color: the chair ST-11 is sold in different schemes.

For maximum effectiveness, you should equip work area with modern furniture, which does not clutter the space. Psychological comfort has a great importance in the treatment productively. It is necessary to equip the room with modern furniture, which will perform several actions simultaneously. Chair for a master ST-11 is an excellent alternative to unwieldy chairs of impressive size.

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