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The multifunctional appliance for professional use that includes 3 aesthetic technologies: cavitation, radio frequency and vacuum. Cavitation is the painless, non-invasive and no side effects treatment. The first results will be visible already after the first session, and after the course of procedures you can eliminate all the adiposity located on the areas of the abdomen, buttocks and thighs. During the cavitation treatment it is necessary to use the special gel.

The cavitation program allows you to treat the areas of the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, mandatory with the application of the gel. Thanks to the ultrasounds that penetrate deep into the skin, the adipose tissue is demolished, small gas bubbles are created which, exploding, demolish lipolysis. Cavitation power is 40KHz.

Radiofrequency carries out lymphatic drainage and improves skin elasticity. The radio frequency waves penetrate the outer skin layers and provide thermal energy for the muscles and underlying tissues. The heat favors the production of new collagen and consequently wrinkles are reduced.

The vacuum treatment promotes cellular metabolism and improves skin elasticity.

After the aesthetic treatments with the Charmgirl vacuum appliance, the following effects are observed: reduction of wrinkles, improvement of the appearance, color and elasticity of the skin, firming and toning of the skin.

The device is equipped with 4 handpieces that allow aesthetic treatments to be carried out effectively and with safe results.


The technologies used are vacuum-roller massage, ultrasound cavitation, lipolaser, RF

Vacuum level for different handpieces, mm Hg Art .:

Large 200-780

Medium and small 90-440

Modes of vacuum action 1 continuous, 3 pulsating

The direction of rotation of the rollers inward, outward, multidirectional (up and down)


RF frequency, MHz 5

RF penetration depth, mm 5-15

RF energy, W 60

Laser wavelength, nm 700

Laser energy, W 10

Ultrasonic vibration frequency, kHz 40

Energy density of ultrasonic cavitation, W / cm2 Up to 5

Working depth, mm Up to 13

Time of treatment effect manifestation, min. thirty

Screen 8 inches, TFT touch

Handpiece screen 3.5 inches, TFT touch

Supply voltage 220V 50Hz / 110V 60Hz

Power consumption, W 800

Fuse rating 220V 5A / 110V 10A

Dimensions, cm 176x43x52

Weight, kg 47

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