Fractional CO2 laser CICU for skin rejuvenation

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If you are looking for a fractional CO2 laser, then the CICU model will satisfy all your needs. Innovative equipment that allows you to perform all types of skin resurfacing and even vaginal rejuvenation will fit perfectly into your office.

Distinctive features

Fractional CO2 laser CICU is designed for the following procedures:

  • tightening sagging skin;
  • restoration of tissue firmness and elasticity by stimulating the synthesis of new collagen and elastin;
  • prevention of fine lines;
  • elimination of age spots of various origins;
  • narrowing of enlarged pores;
  • prevention of premature aging;
  • tightening the vaginal walls;
  • restoration of vaginal sensitivity;
  • treatment of postpartum and age-related enuresis;
  • treatment of vaginal microflora.

The advantage of CICU is that the specialist can perform both ablative and non-ablative resurfacing. And if necessary, it can switch between modes during processing to achieve the best results. In addition, 9 scanning modes and 4 forms of area treatment allow you to select an individual treatment method for each patient, as well as minimize thermal damage and avoid side effects.

What's nice and convenient is that the CICU model stores patient data. So the cosmetologist no longer has to constantly enter information about the client - the device remembers everything. And the control process is simple, since the 10.4-inch display and intuitive interface make the work as pleasant as possible.

Make a purchase

The EMS-Beauty company offers to purchase a CICU laser at a competitive price and with the possibility of free training. Our specialists conduct training courses remotely, after which you will be issued a certificate. You will also receive a service guarantee.

To clarify the details, leave a request for a call back, and the store manager will call you back during business hours.


Wavelength - 10.6 rm

Pulse duration - 100-5000 ms

Power - 30 W

Cooling - air

Manufacturer - Korea

Warranty - 1 year

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