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For cosmetology specialists, the ems-beauty website presents a modern cryolipolysis device with an innovative 360 built-in cooling technology. The capabilities of the device will allow you to cope with fat deposits more effectively. 

Principle of operation

Cryolipolysis is a popular procedure for freezing fat cells. And the 360 degree cryolipolysis device is an innovative system that covers the problem area by 100%. This technology is 50% more successful in coping with fat deposits, unlike conventional cold laser lipolysis systems. 

Plus silicone replacement plates, which are individually selected for the size of the fat layer, allow you to achieve pronounced results much faster. One session on the 360 device is equal to three sessions on a regular system. With its help, you can reduce the volume of the body by 6 centimeters (30-40% of fat cells) in one procedure. 

Separately, it should be noted an innovative manipulator for the area of the second chin. It is considered the best in the world today. In addition, two displays (main and on the manipulator) allow you to accurately control the processing process. 

Indications and contraindications for use

The cryolipolysis 360 device is designed for a number of procedures:

  • elimination of stubborn fat pockets;
  • flabby skin tightening;
  • reducing the severity of scars and stretch marks;
  • reduction of body volume and weight;
  • elimination of double chin;
  • activation of blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. 
  • But it is important to remember that the use of the device is contraindicated in the presence of certain conditions:
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • infectious diseases;
  • oncology;
  • autoimmune diseases;
  • chronic diseases in the acute stage;
  • abnormal reaction to cold;
  • built-in pacemaker. 

Before using the system, it is important to conduct a detailed consultation with the patient in order to protect his health. 

Are you interested in the presented equipment? Then order it in the online store "EMS-Beauty" at the best price. To find out all the details, contact the store manager by the phone numbers you see on the website. Or leave a request, and our manager will call you back in the near working hours. 

Equipment Characteristics

The frequency of the cavitation arm is 40 kHz

Laser wavelength - 650 nm

The size of large cryo manipulators is 23x10.5 cm / 19.5x8.5 cm / 21x9 cm / 215x10 cm

The size of small cryo manipulators is 16.5 x 9 cm / 14 x 7 cm /15.5 x 8 cm

The size of the handle for the chin area is 8x4 cm

Technology - 360 cooling

RF frequency - 5 MHz

The size of the maniple screen is 4.5 inches

The display size is 10.4 inches

Power - 800 W

Frequency - 50-60 Hz

Weight - 48 kg

Dimensions - 62x46x170 cm

Warranty - 1 year

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