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For the attention of cosmetologists on the site, a modern and multifunctional HYDROMAGIC beauty machine is presented. The capabilities of the device will pleasantly surprise even experienced professionals.

Pros of choice

The HYDROMAGIC beauty machine is a 3in1 system that combines electroporation, RF lifting, ultrasound and cryotherapy technologies. The combination of these techniques allows the specialist to perform a wide range of skin care procedures:

deep cleansing of pores and reduction of their severity;

superficial cleansing of the face;

reduction of inflammatory processes;

treatment of acne and acne;

correction of post-acne and scars;

brightening the face and reducing the severity of pigmentation;

increase skin elasticity;

smoothing wrinkles and fine lines;

non-invasive mesotherapy;

skin restoration after aggressive procedures;

reduction of irritation;

acceleration of metabolic processes and microcirculation.

Treatment is allowed at any time of the year for all ages. But to achieve a pronounced result, a course of 4-8 procedures is required. The exact amount depends on the type of skin, the age of the patient and the individual characteristics of his body.


If you wish to purchase a certified beauty machine, please contact the EMS-Beauty online store. Here you can buy the device at the best price in Europe. And learn how to work with it for free. Upon completion of the course, a certificate will be issued.

You will also receive a service guarantee that will insure you in the event of a problem. And delivery is carried out in all cities. To choose a convenient delivery format, contact the store manager. It will help you choose the best option for you.


Ultrasound frequency - 28 kHz

Temperature in heat mode - 47 degrees Celsius

Temperature in cold mode - -10 degrees Celsius

Dimensions - 37 X 43.8 X 29.1 cm

Net weight - 13 kg

Gross weight - 15 kg

Voltage - 100~240V

Frequency - 50~60Hz

Power consumption - 200 W

Display - touch LCD

Warranty - 12 months

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