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On the website, a modern 4in1 FILLOSHINE beauty machine is presented to the attention of specialists. Thanks to the combination of technologies, this device will become a beautician's favorite.

Functional Features

The FILLOSHINE cosmetic combine is a combined system that allows you to perform RF-lifting, electrophoresis and electrical stimulation. These technologies are designed to improve the condition of the skin and its rejuvenation. With their help, a specialist can perform a wide range of manipulations:

non-invasive introduction of active agents into the skin;

reduction of inflammatory processes;

reduction of irritation;

activation of microcirculation;

elimination of puffiness;

acceleration of tissue regeneration processes;

stimulation of the synthesis of collagen and elastin;

treatment of acne and acne;

smoothing scars, post-acne, stretch marks;

reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines;

increase skin elasticity;

restoration of muscle tone;

elimination of dark circles and reduction of bags under the eyes.

The treatment is completely painless for the patient, and after it a period of rehabilitation is not required. It is possible to carry out procedures all year round at any age. But to achieve a lasting effect, at least 4 sessions will be required, depending on the type of skin, the age of the patient and the individual characteristics of the body.

Contraindications to treatment

With all the advantages of the system, it cannot be used if the patient has contraindications. These include:

exacerbation of chronic diseases;

infectious diseases;

benign neoplasms at the treatment site;

cuts, abrasions, burns;

oncological processes;

inflammatory dermatological processes;

built-in pacemaker;

menstrual cycle;

pregnancy and breastfeeding period.

Before starting treatment, the doctor must study the patient's medical history to ensure a positive result.


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Training can be completed in a format convenient for you. And after its completion you will be given a certificate. You'll also receive a service guarantee, which will come in handy in the event of a problem.

Delivery is carried out throughout the country. To find out the missing details, contact the store manager, and he will answer your questions.


Type of exposure - RF-lifting, electrical stimulation, electrophoresis

Power - 200 W

Dimensions - 43 x 52.4 x 0.38 cm

Weight - 20 kg

Voltage - 100V~240V / 50~60Hz

Display - 10" TFT LCD

Warranty - 12 months

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