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Your attention on the site presents the cosmetic PLAMAX DUO combine for the treatment of various skin conditions. The functional features of the device will allow you to achieve amazing treatment results.

Hardware Benefits

The PLAMAX DUO beauty machine is a system for skin regeneration. It is restored by cavitation effect on the permeability of cell membranes. Due to this, it is possible not only to quickly cope with skin bacteria, but also to increase the permeability of the skin to active agents. In addition, the technology of the device activates metabolic processes, microcirculation and lymphatic drainage. Thanks to this, it is possible to cope with many conditions:

acne bacteria;

acne and acne;

scars and post-acne;

wrinkles and fine lines;

reduced skin elasticity;

unhealthy complexion;

dry skin;

slow collagen synthesis.

Plasma provides a disinfectant effect by destroying bacteria, thereby avoiding various skin problems. In addition, it causes aging cells to recombine for flawless skin. But to achieve a lasting effect, a course of 4-8 sessions is needed, depending on the specific problem.

Application ban

With all its advantages, the presented combine is forbidden to be used if there are contraindications. These include:

exacerbation of chronic diseases;

infectious diseases;


benign neoplasms;

mechanical damage to the skin;

dermatological inflammatory processes;

taking blood thinners;

oncological diseases;

pregnancy and breastfeeding period.

Before using the system, it is imperative to study the patient's medical history in order to ensure only a positive result.

Arrange delivery

Interested in this offer? Then contact the EMS-Beauty online store, where you can purchase a beauty machine at a bargain price. Our direct cooperation with manufacturers allows you to buy devices at a cost that is 10% lower than from other suppliers. Plus, we provide free training on how to use the device.

The training course is conducted in a format convenient for you. After its completion, you will be issued a certificate, which will be useful for working with patients. You will also receive a service guarantee. And you can order delivery to all cities of the country.

Do you have any questions? Ask them to our manager by phone numbers that you see on the site. Our specialist will accompany you at all stages of the purchase.

Machine Settings

Voltage - 100-240 V

Frequency - 50/60 Hz

Display - 7" touchscreen LCD

Dimensions - 41.6 x 33.8 x 24.9 cm

Weight - 4.8 kg

Applicator - plasma pen

Warranty - 12 months

Plamax Duo Features:

By opening the adhesion molecules (CAM) that connect skin cells, it produces an amazing absorption force of 60-200 times, and the solution is instantly absorbed by the skin in just 30 seconds. Used with various essence solutions, it can provide skin rejuvenation, sterilization, antibacterial effect, whitening, collagen regeneration and other effects. Thanks to the highly stable double low-frequency sound waves, a cavitation effect is created on the skin, which can increase the absorption of cells and the penetration of products into the layers, while stimulating biological regulation and the lymphatic system to help remove melanin and impurities from the skin and increases skin elasticity, stimulates collagen regeneration. 

Advantages of Plamax Duo :

  • Balance - Balance the potential of the cell membrane and restore its normal functioning to improve various skin imbalances.
  • Repair - Repairs damaged cells and slows down cell aging.
  • Activation - Activated cells accelerate their metabolism and division, as well as activate collagen regeneration.
  • Osmosis absorption is 60-200 times higher due to the discovery of adhesion molecules (CAM) that connect skin cells.
  • Bleaching. By spraying, the aging cells shrink and reorganize, suppressing the precipitation of melanin.
  • Antibacterial - by destroying the molecular structure of bacteria and transforming it, it can achieve a strong bactericidal effect that does not damage the skin.
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