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The online store "EMS-Beauty" is pleased to present to the attention of specialists an innovative body modeling device TRIPLEBODY. Its capabilities will take the beauty business to a new level.

Distinctive features

The TRIPLEBODY system is a combined technology for body shaping. It allows you to achieve a toned, sexy body, which everyone dreams of. With this device body shaping is a safe and effective solution. The device offers a combination of three technologies for fat burning and skin tightening in one session.

The first lipolaser technology uses cold lasers to destroy fat cells under the skin and remove their waste products. Healthy tissues and skin cells are not affected by the technology. Ultrasonic cavitation penetrates into the deeper layers of fat with the help of ultrasonic waves, destroys them and is eliminated naturally. The process is completed by applying radiofrequency to tighten the skin, stimulating blood flow and new collagen production. This tightens the skin in the treatment areas, allowing you to fully enjoy the aesthetic benefits of the procedure.

The device uses RF + MLF + laser at the same time. Add here 8 selective pads that can be used anywhere at the same time. The wavelength is selected individually. A built-in temperature sensor sets the temperature automatically. Therefore, there are no side effects after treatment.

Make an order

Are you interested in this device? Then buy it at the best price through the online store "EMS-Beauty". Additionally, you can learn for free how to work with the selected system. You can complete the training in a format convenient for you, after which a certificate is issued.

Upon purchase, you are provided with a service guarantee. And it is possible to order delivery to all corners of the country. To place an order, leave a request on the website, and our manager will call you back during business hours to clarify the details.

Equipment parameters

Dimensions - 55 x 44 x 11.6 (body + body + trolley)

Weight - 18 kg

Voltage - 220 V / 60 Hz

Medium/Low Frequency - 7.0Hz~4.0Hz / 1~6

RF - 0.97 MHz / bipolar

Laser diode wavelength - 660nm x 5 laser diodes / PAD

Warranty - 12 months

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