Cosmetic equipment for skin diagnostics and analysis BT-01 (with 50x polarized lens)

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Sometimes, for an objective assessment of the skin condition, it is not enough just to visit a cosmetologist; to obtain accurate results and select the right treatment, special devices should be used to diagnose and analyze the skin condition.

The VT-01U skin analyzer is able to instantly assess the condition of the skin, identify even the smallest flaws, and then display on the screen an image of the desired skin area at any scale. Based on a thorough, detailed analysis, it is safe to prescribe various beauty procedures, as well as cosmetic products that can eliminate the necessary problems. In addition, based on the estimates obtained by the skin analyzer, it is possible to identify those problems to which the epidermis is most susceptible and recommend prophylactic agents that help slow down skin aging or prevent acne and other diseases.

The device, thanks to its user-friendly interface, is extremely easy to use, it guarantees instant results.

Technical characteristics of the device:

Chip Japanpattern 1/4 color CCD;

Product light source: White LED 4pcs; IR LED 4pcs

Power Input 100 - 240VAC, 5VDC

The weight of the device is 0, 35 kg, the size of its packaging is 21x12.5x6 cm.

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