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In the EMS Beauty company they know what the penalty of choice means. That's why we are pleased to present the La Corona cosmetic device with 4 hoses. Now there is no need for multiple devices, when there is one device for all occasions.


Indications for use

Beauticians use the La Corona device to perform a series of manipulations:

  • elimination of unwanted unwanted hair without re-growth;
  • reduction of hair overgrowth in women;
  • removal of tattoos and permanent makeup;
  • execution of carbon peeling procedures;
  • elimination or partial lightening of pigmentation due to age and sun rays;
  • treatment of acne and vascular defects;
  • correction of scars, post-acne marks;
  • smoothing or complete elimination of wrinkles;
  • restoration of skin tone;
  • improvement of the color of the face;
  • cleaning and shrinking of pores.

The main advantage of the system is the duration of the effect. For example, after epilation, hair growth stops for 5-6 years. Some patients testify to permanent results. The result of rejuvenation lasts 8-24 months, depending on the individual characteristics of the organism and lifestyle.

Available features

A distinctive advantage of La Corona is unanimously considered the presence of 4 hoses in a single device, with the help of which different procedures are performed.

These hoses are:

- Wavelength 808 nm


It is used for hair removal on all skin phototypes. It works best with deep follicles. Less commonly used to treat small vascular lesions.

- Neodymium laser


It works with three wavelengths - 532, 1064 and 1320 nm. The use of the laser allows you to effectively eliminate unwanted hair on olive and dark skin, to perform a series of anti-aging procedures, to remove tattoos and permanent makeup.

- E-light technology


E-light technology combines two types of energy: high intensity light pulses and current. This combination is used for the epilation of particularly sensitive areas, such as the area above the upper lip or the bikini area. One of its characteristics is the improvement of the skin after hair removal: it becomes more elastic, smooth and velvety.

- RF technology


This technology uses radio waves to correct age-related changes and complete rejuvenation. By heating the skin, radio waves cause compression of the proteins in the collagen fibers, after which the collagen compacts and provides an instant lifting effect. In addition, radio frequencies create thermocoagulation points in the skin, where the process of renewal of the collagen structure begins. The effect lasts up to two years.

Distinguishing features

In addition to the available functions, the La Corona appliance has a number of distinctive features, namely:

- Cooling system

CIA TM technology cools the moving skin before, during and after epilation, minimizing the risk of burns. The ICE TM technology is engaged in the simultaneous cooling of the contacts, which allows to minimize the risk of burns, without compromising the effectiveness of the procedure.

- Regulation system

Control of the entire process and setting of the necessary values ​​is carried out via a 10.4-inch touch screen display, whose menu is presented in 14 languages.

Convenience is the retention of customer information, which makes it unnecessary to re-enter it every time. Moving output parameters can be adjusted.

- Control system

The device is equipped with an automatic fault monitoring system. In case of failure of any mechanism, the device reports this.

You can buy the La Corona device at the best possible price in the EMS Beauty online store. Upon purchase, you will be offered the opportunity to learn how to work with the equipment for free. This can be done remotely or in our main office. At the end of the course you will receive a certificate.

We also provide warranty coupons for all devices. Delivery is carried out in all regions. To contact our order managers, leave a request and we will call you back during business hours. Or call us on one of the numbers listed on the site.

Technical requirements

Available hoses - diode laser, Nd: Yag laser, E-light and RF technology

Overall dimensions of the box: 110 x 55 x 65 cm


Diode - 808 nm

Nd: Yag - 532/1064/1320 nm

E-light - 480/530/590/640/690 / 750-1200 nm

Output power:

Diode - 166 J

Nd: Yag - 1000 J / cm2

E-light - 50 J

RF - 50 W


Diode - 1500 W

Nd: Yag - 300 W

E-light - 1000 W

RF - 80 W

Stitch size:

Diode - 15х15

E-light - 15х50

Size - 50х66x118

Durat at work: continuous work for 12 hours

Menu: available in 14 languages

Display: color, 10.4 inches

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